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W4R1 - Getting real

I've been a bit nervous about starting week 4. I took a look last week as I was finishing week 3 to see what was up next and saw that week 4 starts you running more than you're walking. I debated doing week 3 once more, but W3R3 went pretty well so I gave it a go.

I was surprised how quickly I found a good gentle pace. I think I've been running a little too fast the past few weeks, but as I looked at how much there was to run this week and as Laura reminded me about pacing (I only just started using the podcasts this past week), I made an intentional focus on setting a good pace. It really made all the difference as I wasn't struggling too much throughout.

Although, by the time the last walk break finished, I was complaining to Laura a bit that it wasn't a long enough break, but I jumped right in and powered through the last 5 minutes. I started feeling my legs getting to be a little jelly-like towards the end, but I'm really happy I pushed through. I'm feeling pretty accomplished making it through the first of three of these runs without terrible difficulty.

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Trust in Laura and the programme. Sounds like you are doing great. By the way we all have a little 'chat' with Laura now and again.


The programme is designed to increase in difficulty but it is also designed to improve you that little bit with every run to ensure that you are ready for the next week.

Have faith in the programme and more importantly, have faith in yourself.

You WILL do this.

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I remember jelly legs well :)

Go you... onward and upward... maybe try just to focus on the now not the next, sometimes the Gremlins try to sneak in! :)

Well done!!



I used to shout at Laura sometimes...especially on her "Finish in style " remarks. (But I love her really!)


I loved having the company of Laura, right up until the end, she was a great motivator (although annoying at times!) but I don't think I could have finished without her!

Trust in Laura, she is always there when you need her!


Well done! By R3 this week, W4 jelly legs will be a distant memory!! Keep it up, you're doing great! :)


This is so good to read. Well done to you and thanks for sharing. I'm planning my first week 4 run tomorrow morning and am also nervous about how much more running there is 😳 This will be the first time I have moved straight on a week without repeating any runs too as like you I felt really good on week 3. Must remember to pace myself carefully. I'm guessing you go a further distance than in week 3.

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Well done !

Youre doing great, keep going ! :-) xxx


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