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W4R1 - Roundabouts & Tech Calamities :D

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So after finishing W3 on Saturday, and despite feeling pretty rubbish with a catarrh cold, thought best to keep the momentum and at least attempt my first run of week 4. Also was feeling pretty bad with the acid after a couple of beers last night, but still on an empty stomach drank plenty of water with a bit of Apple Cider Vinegar to try and subside it.

Weather is perfect for running at the moment, so got to make the most of it

Set my music going as usual, with my phone in my rucksack and headed out of the door quickly for the 5 min warmup. First run went well, but at the end of it and during the first interval walk my music stopped. "I can't run without music!!!" Ugh must have been at the end of the playlist. "Oh I have a wired remote", I thought, will press play and it should be ok again, it did but repeated the same track. "Oh I have skip track" but it didn't it turned the volume down, tried to turn it back up and couldn't. Totally forgot my remote has a bug I can turn the volume down but not back up! So in total silence now and panicking a bit, I have probably about a minute whilst walking to sort it out before I miss Laura telling me to run again!

So I'm multitasking sorting my bag out whilst I walk, I get to the park entrance and a stream of dog walkers start piling out of the gate, with no room to get through. I can't stop and wait! So I'm now walking around like a madman in circles, sorting my phone out praying I get it done in time :D Finally they pass and I set off walking down the park. 10 seconds go by no Laura, damn I've missed it, so set off running and glance at my band.

Timewise trying to work out how far behind I am on the run. I guess about 30 seconds or so max, it cant be more?!

After a couple of minutes Laura interrupts my panic to let me know I'm half way, watch is at 7 minutes running, so I'm counting it backwards. So that means I should have set off at about 4:30 mins, sounds right 3 min run 90 second walk phew! I was 30 seconds off, so ran 30 seconds or so past when she told me to stop to compensate. What a shambles. :D

Still paranoid for the rest of the runs that I was short so ran a few extra steps each time, but I'm taking this one as a pass.

The whole mess had somehow taken my mind completely off of the run and it passed by so quickly. I had taken my pace down a few notches knowing that it was almost double the running time from week 3 and somehow had managed it without thinking :D I'd even hit a couple of hills and slowed down quite a bit more than usual but never found myself having to catch a breath.

R2 I will be ready and I'm not touching that remote again! Even if I have to keep playing that same damn track on loop :D


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Wow... everything went wrong but the run... well done keeping enough control of it all to get the job done! Hopefully everything will be right for your next one.

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sHAYM4NGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Many thanks and best of luck for tomorrow! See it's your graduation day, excited?!

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UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to sHAYM4N

Thanks... too excited by far... taken avoiding tactics with my shoes, they’re in the car, car key in the safe... desperate to run... gonna let Boxx kick my ass into submission in a little while.

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AlMorrGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Good luck for tomorrow UNM

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UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to AlMorr

Cheers... you’re there again too! Congratulations

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