Hmmm, for the first time I feel like a proper runner!

Thats not to say that its not running on the first three weeks, because it is, but tonight I felt like I knew what I was doing, and didn't feel out of place running on the footpaths around my area.

Its a pretty big jump from 9 minutes of running in week 3 to 16 minutes of running in week 4, yet somehow it all made sense. I made sure I was running a little slower, and just set a standard pace, and the minutes sort of chugged by.

I think I was in a zone tongiht, so we will have to see how W4R2 goes, in a few days, but I really enjoyed tonights run, so here's to many more like that!

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  • Great to hear you are feeling like a runner - it really does feel good when that starts to click. Good work on all your efforts.

  • Ah so pleased for you , sounds like you have the bug that we've all caught - the running bug that is !

    Well done :)

  • Well done, I start W4 R1 on Monday ;-D

  • Well done, I start W4 R1 on Monday ;-D

  • Am about to do that run this morning...hoping I can cope!

  • Well done by the way!

  • I'm with you on Tuesday, have repeated week 3 due to time off from a swollen ankle and tummy bug. Week 3 went well, so looking forward to week 4, brin it on, let's conquer it together!

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