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Trainer Inserts

I've just started running for longer periods and it's always on the pavement, so hard surface and up and down. I think I have shin splints as all the symptoms are there. I have my first 5k on Sunday so resting for a week or so isn't an option. I do have ankles that bend in slightly so don't that's helping. Just to get me through the 5k can anyone recommend any trainer inserts or ankle supports to help my ankles or foot posture while running? Ps I can't afford new trainers before Sunday :(

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Hiya pixie :) could you maybe just try some cheap insoles from aldi or mum's?


B&M,s. Not mum's lol


If you think you have shin splints I would be cautious. The treatment is rice rest ice elevation, and insoles if needed and modification n of exercise once the pain is resolved Hopefully it's something else and you will feel in better shape very soon


Resting between now and Sunday is an option though. If you are already running 5k then resting a few days wont hurt at this stage. I guess you are planning on running all the way but, unless you were going for a fast time, walking at times is an option. I bet there will be lots of others doing just that. Lidl also do insoles sometimes.

Good Luck for Sunday.

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Not the cheapest around, but lots of great reviews for these:

I wear them in my everyday trainers and they make you very springy, I love them!


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