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I've got the heel inserts - I'm going out tomorrow!

I've got the heel inserts - I'm going out tomorrow!

I really had to try hard when I got back from the running shop today with my new heel inserts.

The sun was shining and the tenderness in the muscles around my achillies was at about 20% of what it was on Sunday. So I was tempted. It's been FOUR WHOLE DAYS NOW without a run. Then the sensible voice in my head (do you get these or is it just me since I've joined this community?) said - "No Mo! Wait for another 24 hours, you promised yourself you wouldn't run until the weekend!!!"

So tonight I'm going to load some of the right kind of music in to a running play list and see if i can download the route I've planned in Garmin Connect to my new toy.

Then tomorrow I'll be out there for a short 20 minute (sensible voice made me agree to this first time out!) shuffle.

Watch out world - here I come again :-)

Excited Mo.

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Hi, i often have voices in my head! Think the running has made them worse though (ha!) Well done for listening to yours and good luck for tomorrow! :)


Cheers Leyther1, it's nice to know I'm not alone with the voices!


Sometimes, it's only the voices that get me through! ;-)


Phew - so it isn't just me then!


Oh my, new heel inserts, new Garmin and fresh shins...look out world, MO IS BACK!! :-)

By any chance, are the voices in your head always the sweetest sounding voluptous, scantily-clad ladies offering the most wonderful encouragement...or are those just in my head??? :-) (Maybe, we shouldn't tell my wife about those voices!!)

Good luck on your run tomorrow!! Nice and easy...ease that Achilles back in gently!!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Hi Steve

Yes Mo will be back! It's cold out there and I've even had to dig out the gloves that let me activate the i-pod without taking them off.

Strangly enough I don't think my voices are quite the same as yours - they range from scary sergent major types (from my old cadet days) to gentle voices of encouragement that I associate with the wonderful character from this site. But if the ones you hear work for you, that's good and no-one else knows OK?

Thanks again for the encouragement - it's so great to know my coaching team are behind me!

Cheers Mo x


I have them conversations sometimes with myself, but isn't it difficult to do as your told :-)


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