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Couch to 5K
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Couch to 5K beginner!

Hello everyone!

Well as the title says I'm a C25K beginner after starting on Sunday and I'm looking for inspirational advice and stories!

Bit of background about me, I'm 23 (nearly 24) and I am the queen of excuses when it comes to running...I can't run, my legs are crap (got bad cartilage in my knees and tendonitis in my ankles), I'm too tired, there's something on telly, I'll do it tomorrow....on and on it goes! But over the past two years (since I met the other half) I've noticed the weight creeping on and as a giant of 5ft 1 it shows!

I've been planing to start the C25K for ages now after reading about it on the NHS choices website and I finally got round to starting on Sunday, and have just finished my 2nd run tonight. I really like Laura on the podcasts, and I like having someone there to tell me when to run and walk and feel really motivated!

I have to say I was shocked at how breathless I was after the minute of running, it was awful! But its made me even more determined to carry on and get to 5k! I've noticed my legs (shins and calves) are feeling quite tight, but I suppose after years of a sedentary lifestyle that's bound to happen!

So if anyone has any tips or hints I'd be grateful!

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Well done, you've done the hardest part by starting!!! Top tip would be to trust the programme (it has got lots of us to running for 30 min +) and to remember that this is your journey so do it at your pace.

Good luck and let us know how you get on! :)


Dont worry about the breathing thing, thats the quickest thing that improves. Every week is hard, but every week you are doing so much more than the previous week. In a months time you will laugh about how hard it seemed to run a minute!!!!


I'm no expert as I have just reached wk3, but honestly - I was queen of the couch potatoes and now I am loving my "runs" - if this unfit chunkster can do it, anyone can! The sore muscles do ease up a bit as your body gets more used to it. You've made the hardest step by getting out there for the first time, just follow the plan and you'll be surprising yourself in no time! Go for it, good luck!!


Weight gain after settling down with someone ? A friend once described it as "the width of contentment" ! Well done for starting the plan - make sure you do plenty of stretches after each run. Trust the program and you will be amazed at the progress you make. Enjoy it too !


We're at about the same stage.....I've just done my 3rd run of week 1. Have to say I'm enjoying it & it's already a little easier to do the runs.....I'm much less breathless now. Keep at it.....I'll be supporting you in spirit!


Have faith and believe in the program. In the 2 months I have been doing it (graduated today) my fitness has improved no end and my wobbly legs have become noticeably more toned. I read some of my old blogs today and was amazed on how I used to struggle with 5/8 minute runs and now I'm easily running 30+. You will still get out of breath, but you will recover much faster as the program progresses. Good luck with your journey


Hi, We are all testament to how c25k works, | would bet that at least half of us on here thought we'd fail miserably and yet here we are blogging about it! Just enjoy it, take it slowly, don't worry about other people ( that's my bugbear), and most of all stay motivated by coming on here. Honestly, without these lovely people, my virtual friends giving me advice, telling their funny, sad, inspirational stories I don't think I'd still be running. Enjoy!:)


This was my graduate blog a few weeks ago..... I hope it inspires you to keep going:

"Well, I can not believe that 9 weeks ago I couldn't even run for 1 minute, never mind run 5K!!!! I still haven't got it down to 30 mins but I can now run a straight 5K in 36 mins at the mo. This plan was so easy to follow and Laura has been my friend through it all.... There were times when I thought "what the hell am I putting myself through this for!!", but each and every run has left me invigorated and energised!! I'm looking forward to cutting my time down so that I can do the race for life 5K in 30 mins but my race isn't until 10th June so with a little perseverance I should be able to get to that level. And depending on how I do with that, depends on whether I pluck up the courage and do the duathlon that I want to do in October. Thanks to this programme I have also lost 3 stone in total and I'm hopeing the weight loss continues. This all started thanks to my amazingly inspiring partner, a triathlete, who I met in Nov. Without his encouragement and support I would have given up ages ago. He is so special to me and I absolutely love him to bits!!!  


  I hope that those who read this, especially the peeps just starting out, can believe in themselves enough to keep going, even when your legs hurt afterwards, even when the weather is crappy outside, even when you look in the mirror, look at your red sweaty face saying "why".... It's definitely worth sticking with!!" 

Couch to 5K has changed my life, it it will change yours too......  


Lots of love n luck in your quest to be a true athlete!!!


Oh, and just a little add on - you DEF need to stretch after each run when your muscles are nice n warm.... For some tips on stretching nip onto YouTube, put in 'running stretches' and there's loads of really helpful stretching videos on there to help you out..... GOOD LUCK!!!



I just started too, I'm a day behind you. I've just finished my second run. I know what you mean about the breathlessness and wierd aches and pains - it's scary! But like you, it's making me more determined to put things right.

Good luck and keep us posted - we can do it! :)


Hi! I started week one three weeks ago and still on it. Really struggling! Feel a fool that I can't even run for 60 seconds without my legs being in agony and being completely out of breath. Fingers crossed I improve soon. I don't want to give up. xx


Mrs Magoo you will find it a bit hard to start with but if you listen to Laura's words of wisdom she will get you jogging so you feel more comfy. She will give you a tip on Week 2 to help sort you out about how to even out your running. I had no clue how to run but she helped me with that. You only need to put one foot in front of the other and don't stop til she says you can. You'll be amazed at yourself you really will. Make sure you listen to the podcast from start to finish every week. Good luck.


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