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Laura abandoned me.........but I had the best run ever! :)

My intention tonight was to repeat W8R3 after my rubbish attempt on Tuesday morning. Despite this, I chose the W9R1 podcast, figuring that if I stopped at 28 or 29 minutes all would be good, and if I reached 30 minutes, well, even better!

I made sure I had an evening run and set out when it was pitch black. I did an extra long warm up (about 13 minutes) and got my installment of "you and Julie" during the warm up. I had reached the start of my route and paused my mp3 player while I crossed at the lights. Laura had just said "off you go" or some such encouragement when my battery died and she abandoned me!

With no phone, watch or any other method of tracking distance or time, I must admit that a fleeting "oh no, I'll have to go home!" passed through my head, but some quick and positive thinking meant I decided to continue on with no music. I knew the large block I decided to run round was almost 5k and I had physical markers where I had ran to when I ran 25 minutes and 28 minutes on the same route.

Laura switching off was probably exactly what I needed after my difficult W8R3. All I had to accompany me was the sound of the traffic, my feet hitting the pavement and my breathing, which wasn't as labourious as it used to sound. I was able to tune in to what was going on round me and I felt more in control of my stride. I think normally when the music is on, I subconsiously change my stride whereas without any, I just ran the way which was most comfortable.

My chum, the rain decided to accompany me from approximately 10 minutes in, and it was very welcome. I think I am going to turn into one of those running freaks who really really loves and even prefers running in the rain!

Breathing was grand, muscles were grand, so I started to have thoughts of running the whole block if I could. I promised myself I would do a "body scan" at each lamp post and if I was hurting or couldn't breathe, I'd stop. If I didn't feel any worse than at the previous lamp post, I would continue on.

Well, I completed the block! It took me well over 30 minutes (again, I have no idea how much longer) but I ran for further and longer than I have before and I felt great! :) The route is roughly 4.85km and just over 3 miles. I can't believe I ran that non-stop!

I honestly don't think I could have done this with music. I think when Laura told me to stop, or when I reached where I had ran to previously, I would always feel like I couldn't go on. The mental block of this seemed to be restricting me whereas tonight I felt I had smashed the block to pieces :) I probably could have ran further had I not reached the start of my route again. I walked 5 minutes in the rain then ran for approximately 3 minutes as I was still a bit from home. Completed my 5 minute cool down, jumped in the shower and am beaming from ear to ear!

MP3 player is charging as I type ready for my weekend run, as I do really want to get some indication of how far and long I run for. I will make a 30 minute playlist and track my route when I return. I am way off 5k in 30 mins but I know I can run longer than 30 mins and I can run 4.85k :)

The only question now is; should my next run be W9R1, or W9R2?

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Woo hoo! Fantastic! Well done! You're nearly there - and you have smashed your mental block - that's great :)


wow! fab run! I think this will really help with the sense of not wanting the programme to end - you know you can run fine, in fact even better without Laura, so you can now see graduation as the end of the beginning and the start of your running life. I am really looking forward to having my own music for this reason. I agree there is a mental block with the podcast music, as everytime it fades, I am hoping Laura is about to cut in and tell me I am further along than i am! That can ruin my rhythm and flow and be quite disappointing when the next song just starts!

I would definintely say the next run should be w9r2!


I agree with Rollertoaster - you should deffo do W9R2 next - you've proved that you can smash 30 mins running, so it sounds like it's onwards and onwards for you. That was a great blog - very uplifting and inspiring!


Whoo-hoo! Almost there soon to be graduate! You inspire me to keep on running!!:-)


So well done, who needs Laura!!!!!


well done, def W9R2!


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