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First Naked Run!


OK not quite naked, I had on the New Bright Yellow trainers but I decided to go it alone without Laura or indeed anything else distracting me.

This was my 2nd post-graduation run, the first being somewhat truncated with a twinge in my left hamstring. After a little light (!) gardening over the bank holiday weekend cutting down and disposing of an overgrown laurel bush (tree?) my legs and arms and shoulders and .... were all aching so I thought what the hell, lets get on with it.

Mrs Stewie and I set off walking to town and, true to her word, she lagged behind not wishing to be associated with the dayglow yellow feet. (I was quite glad because the bright pink shopping bag she was carrying was equally bright, but I digress.) Our ways having parted, I decided to take the long route to the leisure centre/gym and took the mile and a half as my warm up.

A quick change into running gear, remove hearing aids and glasses, straight onto the treadmill and away we go, no music, no coaching just me pounding along chasing those speeding tortoises.

So how did it go? Well, the picture tells part of the story. Ran for 33 minutes, and just over 3.3km. The whole story is that I initially had to use my gremlin bucking technique of running each minute as if it were the next to last and it not being worth giving up with a minute to go, but after 20 minutes it was just automatic - keep plodding on.

I had hoped to get to 4km but it was a conscious decision to stop when I did and went off to do some strength work on the upper torso. Followed by a quick shower, and a spirited mile walk home and I must admit I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself.

Saturday will be my first venture outdoors. Wish me luck.

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Well done good effort there I get the HIV sorted out first before you go out in the big wide world. Lucky you weren't carrying the pink bag or people would have thought we got a right one here with his yellow shoes as well.


Good luck. Outdoors is fab!

ps: I REALLY think the tags need looking at!!

MichaelH070862Graduate in reply to pollyp1

They do seem to pick out key words and reinterpret them how hearing aid becomes HIV is a complete mystery

stewieUKGraduate in reply to pollyp1

I wish I knew how they got there! HIV- HYPER INHALATION VENTILATION?

pollyp1Graduate in reply to stewieUK

hearing aids, I suspect!

Those yellow shoes definitely need to be shared with the world. Personally I think pink bags and yellow shoes go wonderfully together 😀


Well done..great stuff!

stewieUKGraduate in reply to Beelady

Thanks for not mentioning the yellow shoes! Seriously, I'm like a dog with 2 tails at the moment.

Luck !!

Best recommendation for 1st outdoor run,

do an easy run WITH ear phones !!

Might also wish to WALK your planned route,

BEFORE Running it.

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