Trial run...with thanks to Irish John🍀

Its been weeks since my last run. My shoulder started to feel stiff and aching mid-January and I eventually went to the doctor in February. Frozen shoulder was diagnosed and I was referred to physio.

My left arm is painful and I can't do much with it. I even took a tumble and fell heavily when out on a walk a few weeks back. I have got exercises to do and have had a couple of acupuncture treatments but not much change in my arm. Also sleeping is difficult as I can't get comfortable enough.

Thats my reasons for not running..BUT this morning I checked in for a browse on the forum and saw that Irish John had completed a 10k run a few days ago.. wow😊 I was so pleased and excited to hear this as John had almost given up on trying to do long distance...

Having read of his success it started me thinking... maybe I should try a shortish run myself..the worst that could happen would be I would just manage a few mins but then at least I would know what I was capable of.

So put on my kit (had help with sportsbra😆) and with no Mp3 which was flat so no Laura or music I did a nice long warm up walk then started to run....

At first I felt my left hand go tense and rigid, but I relaxed my shoulders and ran nice and slow and steady felt great. I stayed on the flat and just ran listening to my breathing and feeling empowered. I ran for about 25 mins which felt like enough and had a nice warm down walk with a big smile. At last Jan-now-runs has run again.

I would like to dedicate this run to Irish John, without whom I would not have tried a run today. I'm back..and will start building up again. Slow and steady..but winning...😄

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28 Replies

  • That is wonderful. So happy for you. :)

    Slow and steady is the way :) So good to know that you found that inner something that told you to go for it..:)

    It is amazing to think how this forum works... Irish-John will simply not believe that he has inspired anyone... and yet, he does... all the time. His determination and resilience is enviable... his wit and humour and above all his total underestimation of his own ability has made him such a part of our running family:)

    Go you...back on track, happy and running once more... :) Huge Hug x


    Irish John is one of the only people who, besides my husband and the late great,Terry Wogan can make me laugh out loud before 6 a.m. in the morning...:)

  • I'm literally blushing here...Thank you Floss. :)

  • I have rarely laughed out loud at anything before 6am... 😉

  • To be fair.. Terry Wogan was after 7.30, after Sarah Kennedy on Radio 2.. usually I was driving to work .. :)

    But my husband.. well.. he makes me smile all the time...:) x

  • not even the relief of the horrible thing turning out to have been only a nightmare? :)

  • I'm very happy that I helped get you out the door :) Good to have you running with us again :)

  • Thank you Floss for your kind words and hug.. 😊xx

    I was feeling quite low and running was still something far away on the horizon. Reading Johns news was just inspirational and I thought 'what am I waiting for?' I was literally out of the door half an hour later...

    Sometimes breaking down barriers needs a little help, a few words of encouragement goes a long way.

    Happy to be part of this forum.

    Happy running😊xx

  • I've had two frozen shoulders and managed to keep running through the course of the second, I wasn't running when I had the first frozen shoulder. It is quite restricting to movement and can be very painful. Takes a while to get sorted too.

  • Oh ziggy, its such a nuisance isn't it. Constant pain,unable to do the simplest thing. I wasn't sure if the running motion was possible, so didn't try...

    John's news made me snap out of it and seize the day.. feeling much happier now.

    Did you have the cortisone injection at all. Did it help?

  • Hi JNR, no I didn't get the cortisone injection, I just got physio, but if you don't do the exercises they give you at home, you might as well not have physio. Frozen shoulders seem to have 3 stages - the freezing, the freeze and the thaw. Some swear by acupuncture. I just found this article too -

    I know I used to have a lot of good links to self-help sites that gave advice and exercises, and know there are some good web based help out there.

  • That's a great message Jan!

    As an aside, rehab from a frozen shoulder is why I got into running in the first place a few years ago, and I'm now starting to get similar symptoms on the other side, so I (literally) feel your pain!

    These rotator cuff-type issues can be very protracted and demoralising, I found the lack of a good night's sleep over a number of weeks/months was very damaging. It took me several months to convince my GP that there was a real issue and it wasn't just one of those things relating 'just getting old', andthat 'manning up' wasn't the kind of advice that I needed.

    Please persist with the exercises, but I have to recommend that you find a suitable method of pain relief that helps you sleep soundly, and if you're not getting the support from your GP, please be persistent!

    Hoping you see some improvement sound and a few healthy zzzz's!

  • Thanks for your advice and support JBBYork. I haven’t found taking standard painkillers has any effect. A hot water bottle on my shoulder was helpful but you're right..not getting sleep makes you feel so low and jittery. I have one more physio on Friday and will be discussing having a cortisone injection. My doctor is ringing me next week and I will definately ask for sonething to help with the pain at night.

    I was happy to have that little run yesterday...good for morale.xx

  • Well done guys and gals on carrying on even when restricted by frozen shoulders and the like 🙂

    I once had horrible tingling sensations in my shoulder' which drove me mad, and forced me to the doc, whom I never visit. He said the problem was in my lower back and the pain in the shoulder was referred or summink.

  • Welcome back Jan 🤗 and good for you to try a run. That shoulder sounds really painful. I haven't had frozen shoulder but I have had a problem where I couldn't life my arm above my head and couldn't change the duvet cover 😏 A cortisone injection sorted it out but it was very debilitating and nothing compared to a frozen shoulder so I sympathise. Hope the running helps x

  • Thanks IP😊 I think that is my next option. Good to know it was helpful, but I'm not a fan of needles..who is😯.

    Not being able to actually get in and out of my sportsbra unaided was one of the biggest hurdles...

    I know its worth it now though..xx

  • The relief was immediate after the injection, it was unbelievable magic! The consultant said it may take up to three injections to work but I was lucky and needed only the one 🙂 That was years ago and I haven't had a niggle since, so be hopeful Jan 😊

  • Oh, you poor thing. I was wondering where you were. Hope your shoulder gets better and you can soon run properly again.

  • Thank you jaysee.😊x

  • Oh, lovely to see you back here Jan! Sorry to hear about your frozen shoulder, it sounds awful (I get very grumpy without my beauty sleep!). Very well done for running for 25minutes, that is brilliant, especially with a bad shoulder. Hope things improve for you.

  • Oh thank you Sue😊x

    I do realise there are others with much worse things to contend with, but being unable to do simple things for yourself is frustrating.😐

    Will be having another run on Monday I think..

    Hope all is well with you.xx

  • Yes thank you Jan. I am running a Race in Edinburgh on Sunday!

  • Oooh good luck to you

  • Oh Jan, I'm so sorry to hear youre still having pain with your shoulder !

    Well done for getting back out there and running for that time, that cant have been easy for you.

    Big hugs and I really hope better things are just around the corner for you .

    Take care xxx

  • Thank you Pops😊

    Trying not to feel too sorry for myself..seeing what John just acheived was a great wake up call.

    Positive thoughts from now on I promise.

    Hope you are doing well with your training.xx (and in life generally of course..😆)

  • Well done Jan that's great news! Us c25kers are a resilient lot as you have proved :)

  • Thanks for that Aliboo..😆 thats very kind of you...but *cough* *squirm* I'm not quite in the same league as you and Paul.😉

    We c25kers do all run together though don't we.xxxx

  • Brilliant and very well done for getting back out there after a difficult time. Good work :)

  • Thank you loisamelia😊x

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