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I've hit a brick wall!


I've not run since last Monday! Last Monday's run didn't go to plan and felt like the worst run I have done in a long time (first run of week 8) and then I was away for a week. I took my running things with me and had all the intentions of going but it never quite happened. I now just can't find the enthusiasm or motivation to get out and finish week 8. I'm so close to graduating but I just can't seem to get myself out for a run.

Please send some kicks up the bum?

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Don't give up! On Saturday I was in the same position as you, feeling very demotivated due to an absolutely awful run. Today, following lots of encouragement from others on this forum, I went out and had another go. It wasn't entirely 100% successful but it was better. I spoke to a guy in the running shop yesterday who told me that every 4 weeks its good to have a week of rest or to run just once as this helps your muscles recover and grow stronger. So I bet you'll find your next run is a good one. Get out there!!

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That's good to hear - I've only missed one run, but it's meant my gap'll be 4 days by the time I go tomorrow. I've thought in the past that two days off can be beneficial but was worrying that 4 would be to much!! Going for a brisk walk with a friend later as I've done nothing since Friday except wander around a craft fair...

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That's interesting about taking a break every 4 weeks. A lot of people seem to be hitting a wall at the moment, maybe overtraining.

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I think there's something in it coz a couple of times I've not kept to my usual 3 runs a week and then felt a bit apprehensive about going back to it, only to find I run better than usual after a longer break.


Just get up and go!


Try it, and if it doesn't work out don't beat yourself up, have a day off and then try it again.


I did it! Writing this post gave me enough motivation to get up and go! I ran a different route to normal and found the track a quite bumpy with patches of sand so was quite different. It felt better than my last run but still running nowhere near the same pace as I was running week 6 and 7 runs. Even my first 5 minutes is a lot slower which is quite annoying as I really thought I'd hit the 4K mark this time but was further away from it than when I ran 25 minutes! BUT I did it and 8 weeks ago I wouldn't so I suppose it will all come eventually!


Well done! Absolutely do not worry about pace, distance, speed etc. - there's plenty of time for that to come. You ran a full 28 mins this morning - that's fantastic! :)


Sending you a kick up the bum X

Come on; running shoes on and let's go!!

Sometimes enthusiasm just won't come, put on your running kit, play some loud upbeat music as you do so and just go outside, see what happens. Some days it is like you're on holiday and other days it is like getting through a mountain of ironing. Good runs tend to follow bad ones in my experience but it is fine to take an extra 2 rest days. You won't lose fitness and it won't slow you up much. Those rest days are when your muscles repair and strengthen.


Just get your kit on, and head out. What's the worst that can happen? Tell yourself you'll walk it if need be, the fresh air will blow away the cobwebs and it is better than sitting on the couch.

That is the approach I took over and over, it worked for me! Good luck.

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