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Hit a wall on week 6!

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After completing the biggie I.e week 5 run 3, I thought well week 6 run 1 is going to be so easy its laughable! How wrong was I?!!! It wasn't just my usual left calf pain (my left leg always feels as though it's made of lead, right leg is absolutely fine!) But I was just exhausted, like it took every ounce of willpower to get through the 8 min run - after 4 mins I honestly thought I had ran the full 8 mins. Don't understand!!!! What gives?!!!

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Go to the search function. Type in W6R1. Read the experiences of 98 percent of other C25kers. feel better

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Row99 in reply to Rignold

Thanks, will do that :)

I totally felt the same really thought it would be easy how wrong was I. Actually felt like I couldn't run even tho I'd run 20mins but found week 6 tough. Keep going

The dreaded W6D1 - gets everybody - normally if I see someone coming up to this one or to W5D3 I would warn them about this one - Why is running with a break so hard when You have just run for 20 minutes? :) We have all been there! Don't worry about it! As Rignold says do a wee quick search on W6R1 and you will see that everybody feels the same. You are doing great - keep it up - your graduate badge is in sight!

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Row99 in reply to mcgurranhouse

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement! :)

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mcgurranhouseGraduate in reply to Row99

You are most welcome - good luck.

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Yes that week 6 does catch out lots of us! But you did it, brilliant!

This is the week where the psychological aspect of running becomes equally as important as the physical element.

Go get that next run , then its all runs without a break. Not long now to graduation.

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Row99 in reply to Millsie-J

Thank you so much!

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Row99 in reply to Millsie-J

Yay! As I live in nz I'll have to make my own graduation day!

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Millsie-JGraduate in reply to Row99

Its ok, we will celebrate here with you! We have partied all over the world😀 We love a graduation party🎈🍾🏅

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Row99 in reply to Millsie-J


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You're also recovering from the longest run you've probably ever done in one go ... it's taken a while but I learned that although it's a simple activity ie put your shoes on (and a decent bra for us ladies!) and go, you have to have respect for the things that influence your performance that you never even considered ... rest days, what you've eaten, your state of mind etc ... that's why recovery runs after long runs are factored into training programmes for longer distances and all that jazz ... doesn't mean it has to be complicated, just that understanding the background noise as it were helps to rationalise the outcomes ... of and yeah, Week 6 is an absolute bitch!!! ;-)

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Row99 in reply to wez70

Thank you so much! Seems every one struggled with week six, but ur right I'm recovering from a long run, never thought of it like that. Thanks for your kind words!

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It is for the very reason that it looks easier, that it catches most of us out. But W6 is harder than W5 just the same as any other week is a progression on the one before.

The walking intervals are there to help build our stamina and endurance, not just to get our breath back. Otherwise all the walking intervals would be the same length. This then comes to the for when we increase out runs.

To me it is the real trick of the program, we watch only the runs times and discount the walks between - a bit like a magicians sleight-of-hand. That is why we are surprised when we can suddenly run further than we thought.

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Row99 in reply to Whatsapp

Yes that's very true, never thought of it like that. So good to know that it's normal to feel like this! Thanks so much!

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WhatsappGraduate in reply to Row99

I think this is really the part where we all start to develop the mental toughness we need for running. W6 is hard, but the rewards come when the long runs begin.

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oh my - did this run today and yes it was really tough!!!

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Row99 in reply to mrspatch

Just did week 6 run 2 - better!

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mrspatchGraduate in reply to Row99

brilliant :-)

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Thanks everyone. I have done week 6 run 2 and it was so hard! I also expected the shorter runs at the beginning of week 6 to be easier so it's nice to know other people struggled too. Wonderful supportive group.

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