And just run...and run...and run

I ran on Tuesday, but am so behind with my posts, that the run is almost forgotten. I know that I really embraced the hill/s and ran long and hard on a new route. Just about 5K but a slog...I should have run yesterday, but because it was husband's birthday yesterday, and birthday treats, his breakfast in bed, pressies and card opening were called for, I ran today!

I had a cunning plan. After taking sound advice on Bridge to 10K, I thought I might extend my distance..just a little and head for maybe...7K.! A tiny bit further than the 6.72 I have done, but nevertheless further.

What was my plan? Well, having embraced the hills on Tuesday... I thought.. what about a flat run and then... a downhill home! Start further getting a lift to my starting point. Ah ha!

Daughter agreed that on her way to work, she would meet me at the post box, ( I would be the small grey snail), pick me up,(in her car obviously) and drop me at the start point.. about 7 K from home, I thought... I would then run back home Simple!!!

Slight catch, early start..6.a.m. No matter, I wanted to try it out! We made an agreement, if pouring.. the plan is off!

Woke at 5... everything ready to go... stuff laid out the night before, a quick cuppa and digestive biscuit.. cuppa taken for husband.. grey skies but dry..Yeay! At 5.50.. head for the post box... hmm wet stuff coming from sky.. just sperkling at this point and looked like it would blow over. Got to said post box, heavier, wet stuff. Too late to ring offspring and I was getting slightly damp. Small white car and small pink daughter arrive. Leapt into car from my huddled position under the only overhanging bit of foliage shelter that I could find. Daughter asked if I was sure about this. Well, some of you may remember the aliens that abducted me in a post a while ago..( Spring is Sprung?) well, I think they were in the car this morning!!!

"No problem", I replied "this will blow over, drop of rain and all that". We headed right up the top of the hill, turned left along the Level...Goodness! rain, wind, mist. you name it. Downpour, does not begin to describe it. Daughter wanted to turn around and take me home; again the voices in my head. " No problem it is fine..just drop me, I can run fast! "I did not want her to be late for work, so I was determined. With great reluctance, she stopped at my start point, and after I prised her finger from the car lock button, she let me out of the car.

As the tail lights disappeared into the grey, slanting sheet of rain which slatted across the Level, I have to admit, I almost ran after her! I stood, for shelter, under a handy, large branched, but leafless Oak, (that is sarcasm)... pulled buff up, tucked collar around, tightened jacket zip. wiped glasses..( that was a waste of time) pressed button on phone..nothing. Pressed again..nothing.

Plan to do the first part to the route with Stamina and Laura for company.. no go! Silence!

Slight panic moment, as I looked around; new route, lots and lots of trees, no houses, thick bushes, limited visibility, a gathering shroud of grey mist and nobody to keep me company. Did I hear the baying of a ghostly hound, was that a movement behind me? Radio black spot, time warp, black hole? I was getting wet, I was also letting my imagination run wild. Murderer in the undergrowth, strangler in the shrubs, I had to move. I ran, and ran, and ran. I could hardly see through my glasses, I have no idea what I passed or what if anything passed me, trees, shrubs, all a blur. In my head... one, two three four, one, two, three, four. That and the blessed quotation about staying strong, that I posted the other day, coming back to haunt me! Over and over and over...on and on and on along the level until I reached the top of my hill . 

The rain as I headed downwards, eased off, until half way down the hill it stopped, but I just kept running. 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4... heels lifted, cycle motion...just keep running. I even detoured along a road through the estate and back onto the hill again.. was I mad...? Get home, get showered, get dry! But no; the fact that I was travelling down helped, and I ran down, over the big roundabout, past the school, well before school time, and all the way home! now.. the sun had just started to peep through the grey clouds. Oh joy.

Husband's cheery voice. "Good run? Did you do 7 K ?'re a bit wet"!

Not quite the run I thought it would be; sometimes, circumstances demand that you just run.

Plus... My cunning plan failed... the run, even with detour was only 6.24 K, completed in 35 minutes and 33 seconds. 

Lessons learnt:

Check route AND distance before running

Double check weather forecast

Leave imagination at home

Ring Mulder and Scully for advice re-aliens

Did I enjoy it? Heck... of course I did. Try again on Sunday! :)


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29 Replies

  • Lovely post! Was slightly worried when you were deposited in the middle of nowhere. Dear Oldfloss all alone, without Laura, only the drip of rain to accompany her all the way home. I think I'd run like crazy too - it's amazing the power of imagination! Would you do it again? It sounds a bit spooky. But all good. A fantastic time - you've really picked up recently. Next run 7 k - definitely. Unless the aliens have other plans😈

  • Oh you do paint a picture Oldfloss! Imagination can run riot, especially on new runs a long way from home! Still, good for you for not being defeated by the weather and the ghosts in your head!! The longer run will wait - sounds like you're doing just fine😀!

  • Thanks... it was, well... different..but it all makes for an interesting running journey!

  • Mission accomplished!   OK it was not 100% to plan but when is it!   

    Well done!  Job's a good un 😊 

    I turned out with the dawg just after tea and the rain was unbelievable!   He loved it! Going out again later and there's been no let up 😕  Steamed up glasses here too 😊

  • We need mini glass wipers for our spectacles! :) Rain can be a lot of fun..but those first 2K were..interesting! Loved to have seen you out there with dog..enjoying it all. We have fun!

  • Well done Floss ! Yep another one here under a deluge of water ,hasn't stopped all day here ! 

    Ah well , best laid plans n' all that xxx

  • It is, our weather isn't it...? It was interesting and I did, part of life's rich tapestry :)

    Another day...another run?? Yes! x

  • That seems a mighty good time for that distance all the same, and in the lovely spring weather we are having too...maybe it was the running from the crazies in the bushes that did it!  Good luck for Sunday, I think the weather gods will be smiling on you this time.

  • Thanks..never thought about the time.. I was just running, and naturally I ran easier when the rain stopped on the return trip :)

  • Great post! Well done on a challenging run👍

  • Good word... interesting and yet another type of run.. all adds to the fun :)

  • Wowee you do have speedy legs  Floss!

    Sounds like a great(?) run & one you certainly won't forget in a while! ☺

  • They can be... but very variable. I feel, I would be generally faster on level ground, which was one reason to try the new route..but the conditions up at the top were so dire.. it didn't happen. I think, on the down bit, I was so glad to be 'in sight' of home so to speak, I probably did really, really speed up!

  • Wow what an adventure!and that is very speedy!! Not a grey snail, a yellow one with go faster stripes! (I love yellow snails, my favourites in snail races as a kid)

    Brilliant run oldfloss! 😊😆

  • I love snail shells that are yellow...small and beautifully made..bit like me, then...not!!! The last bit must have helped the speed.. I am going to give it another go...on a fine day!!!:)

    Thanks x

  • Sounds like a great run. Certainly a great time. Very well done. 

    A great read too. X

  • Different is how I would describe it...:) But it was fun..mostly felt that, when I was home and dry! :) The time...never occurred to me... the hill down helped clearly!

  • Well done OF. Those runs can be daunting but very satisfying.  So what if it was not quite as far as you'd hoped, you got out there and did it.  Next time .... :)

  • Thank time indeed. 

    I think maybe I am intended for stamina..and that is about all... with the odd burst of something! But, it is so enjoyable...and, we do find so much in ourselves too!

    It was wet! :)

  • Oh Floss - what a brilliant description of your run!  I posted about a week ago that it almost never rained in East Anglia.  Since then, apart from Wednesday, it hasn't stopped raining.  We even had a big thunder storm on Thursday evening.  That'll teach me!

  • It was quite different...and wet😏 We should never tempt fate and annoy the weather gods! I love thunder..but from inside! Hoping for a dry run tomorrow morning..🙂

  • Oh my Oldfloss, you did make me laugh.I'd have been so like you, jumping at every noise thinking the hound of the Baskervilles was about to jump out and have me for breakfast ;) 

  • I swear it was.... I know I do have an imagination..and then some but it was a tad spooky! 

    I grew up in an old Victorian house, and when I was small, I regularly heard the swish of a lady's long gown, coming along our top landing towards the bedrooms...never saw her, but heard her. So maybe..just maybe?

  • Brilliant post well done you. I love running in the rain but yours sounded like a deluge. 

  • Hee was...I an nutty☺

  • The best laid plans.....but nothing stands in your way... 😕

    What a challenging run Floss, love that you follow the 1,2,3,4 cycle motion even without Laura.. 

    It sounds like a great route, and would be fun to do again in better conditions...

    Hats off and extra brownie points to you for getting the job done....😊 xx

    Hope your hubby had a good birthday.

  • He did... thanks.. a very young 70!!!!!! trouble is.. we still think we are in our 30s..!

    The 1,2,3,4.. they are ingrained...!!! It was different.. wet..but different! Did it anyway.. got to keep up with you youngsters :)

  • Great post Oldfloss , your runs seem to be action packed 😊

    Mine are very quiet in comparison ,anyway a good run and 6k under your belt 😊

  • I have always attracted mum used to say things happened to me that would happen to no one else!

    Quiet...hmmm was that..uneventful..not often... exciting..always... keeps me young at heart!!! :)

    Good run it was actually..I went faster at the end, than I thought! :)

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