Tried a hilly route tonight!

Decided ,after doing my first parkrun 2 weeks ago in Perth, a very flat course, that my next parkrun would be my closest, which happens to be pretty hilly. I tried the course tonight, after improving my confidence last night with a good uphill cycle, and when I reached the first long hill, all of you good people helped me up that hill, I heard the often commented Slow slower slowest ! and slowly trotted up the hill, I was surprised to see I was about half way up and was thinking about writing it up later on here and that I didn't want to be writing that I had a walk break! I made it to the top and had a level stretch and then a downhill stretch, another level bit and then another uphill! Near the bottom of this hill my dogs were told off by a pair of westie's but they just ignored them and ran on and the westie's owner, an elderly gent, must have seen I was working hard and told me to keep going! I told him I would try my best and made it back up the hill. My app said I had done4.5 k even though I'm sure I followed the parkrun route, so I ran a loop on the grass until my app said 5 k and that was just over 35 minutes so I was really pleased with that especially as it was hilly and fairly warm, So thank you to you lot for helping me up the first hill as thinking about you all helped me starve the gremlins of the attention they wanted even though I was aware they were poised , ready to jump in and tell me I should just walk a bit if I had given them half a chance! They have been mostly absent since about wk 8 but anything new like hills seems to give them a little hope!

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  • A lovely post heavy horse, well done! Star award ⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • ooh stars!!

  • Did you know that you can also register/ log  your Parkrun run as a 'freedom run'  to tot up your runs and log your time. 

    Great running and cycling, well done! Tired now and starting to see stars myself😊

  • no I didn't will have a look thanks!

  • Well done heavyhorse!! I think I need to try hills too, there aren't many round here though, well done for conquering the gremlins! Bet you will do well in the parkrun! Thanks also for mentioning the printing thing, I ended up getting a wristband with the barcode on, haven't used it yet though. Can you bring dogs on a parkrun? Bet they are enjoying the running too! All the best!

  • will look forward to your first parkrun post! Dogs are allowed at parkruns, but have to be on lead and one dog/person. I will probably do the run dog free again as mine are usually off lead and It might be a bit warm on the actual parkrun , tonight was warm too but off lead they could go in and out of the burn( stream to you English lot!) and also shot off to have a quick swim in a pond before catching me up at an effortless speed I am jealous of!

  • Ah I never realised that! Unfortunately our dogs arent in Manchester but I probably wouldn't bring any of ours to a parkrun as they dont behave :). We have a Saluki and I know what you mean about speed, seeing them run you think how it seems impossible something biological could do it! 

  • you should post a pic of the saluki! That will be speedier than my collies!

  • Great report - really well done! Have an equally great parkrun :)

  • thank you! I will try!

  • Super post.... very, very well done... A difficult run, but you really zapped it! Great time too with the hills!!!

    Good luck for the park run.. you will be fine...forewarned. is forearmed!


    Thanks for taking us with you... it will be the closest I ever get to a park run I think!!! :)

  • Well done. Hills are the devil!

    Having this forum is like belonging to a club and running with them. I often wonder who else is out when I am running and think of things on the run I would like to share with you guys.

  • yeah it really is, and having something positive like this forum to think about keeps the negative thoughts away!

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