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week one, only 2 runs



Just wanted some advice, I started week one last week and due to feeling poorly only completed 2 runs.

Should i re-do week one again this week?

thanks all!

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No, you don't have to, you can move on as the programme is progressive and you should be all right. If not just try running one of the days again. It's quite flexible so don't worry

I hope you feel completely better now. Have fun! Go very steadily. Slow is fine!

Thanks ! Will try week 2 tonight then :)


There's no need to complete each lot of runs in a calendar week. Towards the latter part of the programme I was needing two rest days in between runs so each 'week' was taking 9 days. As long as you can complete each run, then you can move on to the next run in the programme :) Try not to skip any runs too, so if you have completed W1R1 and W1R2, your next run should be W1R3 then you can move onto Week 2.

Hope that makes sense. Well done for getting started and good luck with the programme! Let us know how you get on.

Thanks melly4012 , this was what i was thinking of doing, am not a natural runner lol! I have an autistic son, so sometimes he is awake all night and i cant run the next day as purely exhasted!


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My brother is autistic, I was a teacher in a special school and am now a consultant for children with autism and their families! Hats off to you for having the energy to complete the programme with all your other responsibilities - I know how much pressure parents of children with autism can be under and how exhausting life can be.

I think a lot of people here use running for some 'me time' so hopefully you will really enjoy it. Take the programme at your own pace and you'll surprise yourself!

Thanks for the support. Yes, as much as i want to lose some weight, tone up etc, it really helps to get 30 mins out of the house for me!


Just do your last run... :)

Take your time, and as our lovely @misswobble suggests.. slow and steady :)


Since the first 2 weeks I don't think I have run all 3 in a week. I just keep doing the next one when I can ;)

Well done you!! By the way :)

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thanks ! that sounds a good plan. finished week one now:)


If you want to follow the NHS C25K programme and graduate, you just need to do one more complete session of "Week 1" and then as soon as you've had your rest day or days, you can give the Week 2 podcast a go.

If you think of it as "Step 1" or "Phase 1" it might be easier to understand - it can be a bit confusing and most of us find at some point that for one reason or another a "Week" isn't going to fit exactly into one calendar week.

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