Who put that there?

Well yesterday I thought I would go along to a running club , got a warm welcome , and went out with a group I was only just out the gate and looking ahead to the front runners and bam flat on my face I Managed to bruise and graze both knees and hands and damaged the fit bit all in one go . Only 30 seconds in . I wasn't expecting tree roots covered by the Tarmac pavement , Which tripped me up, so after the fall they insisted I go back and rest after .they dealt with my 'wounds', then went off on there run after making sure I was ok I was so embarrassed I felt I ruined there morning However when they returned they all reassured me that wasn't the case and were very kind .

I was going to run yesterday instead of today Monday as I've got to wait in 9-5 for the car to be collected . Still very stiff and sore and my knee is swollen . And wondering if I should of gone to spec savers.


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5 Replies

  • That is awful. Wow.. I felt it for you! :(

    It is so easy to miss your footing and i know, from experience, I do not land and recover like I did when I was small!!!

    Take it steady, RICE today maybe, and make sure you feel fine before heading out. As we all know, these knees can be tricky blighters!!!

    Big hugx

  • Oh no! It does feel embarrassing but they won't give it a second thought so neither should you.

    We all trip up some time- hope you mend quickly x

  • Oh no. I hope your not too battered after it. Always think of these things if you were the other person. You would help and make sure they are all right so of course they will do the same for you. That's the sort of running club you want to be part of.

  • Oh dear, not the start you wanted but never mind! It happens to everyone of us. I think we have all fallen over at some point, I know I certainly have. Like you I fell on my hands, knees and landed on my cheek with a crunch. Ironically I fell over a speed hump. Tee hee

    Some here have fallen over and hurt themselves while showing off new shoes! There are all sorts of posts here about the same thing. Have a read, it will make you feel better about your tumble. I was more worried about my running tights than my skinned knees.

    We just get up, dust ourselves off and crack on. You will too x

  • Yes, many of us have fallen over - sometimes in company. If you don't break anything it makes you tougher. I'm sure the runners don't mind as they've all done it. And just think, probably everybody knows you at the club now!

    Hope you're feeling better soon!

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