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Unexpectedly out there - how did that happen?!

This running lark is insidious. We have all been taken over by something.

At the start of the year I resolved to run three times a week (again). I did - for one week. Then there was bronchitis, then there was snow... yada, yada. Last week I ran three times - hooray! Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays seem to work best, so on Monday this week I opened the curtains and... snow. So no run.

Yesterday there was still some snow left, and it was bitterly cold. Ooh, no, didn't fancy that. But as I was getting ready for my shower, and had all my clothes sorted for the day, I thought, "You could actually fit in a run." And before I knew it, my kit was on and I was out of the door!

Not only that, but after I'd done all the "I can give up at the next junction" business, and was on my way back, I realised that I was actually running more strongly up the North Face of the Eiger (aka a very gentle incline) and my watch said I was slightly ahead of my usual pace. So - could I up the pace for the last few minutes and beat my time? Yes, I could! I really went for it, and shaved a whole minute off my times for last week :) Okay, so it's only 3.8k in 27 minutes, so I'm slow, but I do feel I'm getting there.

I hope everyone has good runs this week. I feel on top of the world :D

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You should be on top of the World!!! Very well done!!! I am so looking forward to Spring so there is no more snow/ice to deal with. Awesome in just getting out there and doing it. I tend to procrastinate, but then I feel fantastic afterwards. Gayle


Thanks, Gayle! As I write this there is more snow coming down, so I'm not sure if I'll get out again tomorrow. Roll on spring! I agree about feeling fantastic after a run, when you've actually achieved it - marvellous, isn't it :) Hope your 10k is going well?



We are in week 5 of a 6 week plan. Tonight will be 2-25 minute sessions with a 1 minute walk between. I'm not near a 10K distance bur thrilled I am running for longer periods of time. The running has always been a struggle and challenging for me, but over the past month, I am actually having fleeting moments of enjoying it! LOL!


Ha - that's exactly how I feel! Out of my 28 minutes (27 :) ) perhaps 3 or 4 of them are enjoyable! Fantastic that you are running for such a long time - keep it up! All the best for your plan.


Hi Annie - I don't know where you are but here it's much warmer today and dare I say sunny! Life suddenly seems better :-) I finally got out there again after the latest lot of flu.... let's hope we can both stick to the 3x week resolution for a while now and make a few more of those minutes feel like fun :-D

Ann x


Oh, wonderful that you are out there again - hope the flu has entirely gone and you can get back on track! It snowed a lot here yesterday - I'm in Derbyshire - and there is enough rotten, melting ice left on the pavements that I won't be going out today :( . However, as you say, it is much warmer so it should all be gone by tomorrow, fingers crossed.

Yay, let's aim for running three times a week, Ann - and enjoying some of it would be good too :D


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