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I'm back and almost there!

So three weeks ago I did Wk9R1 - not great but got through it - the next day I did my back in (long story involving son and him getting into football team!) so had a week of barely being able to walk. Just as getting better had a week in the US on business. I did take my trainers (never done that before!) but jetlag and intermittent back were all the excuses my mental demons needed. :-(

Anyway went out 6am on Monday - boy was it dark! Headphones wouldnt work so thought would just see how I do using runapp. Did 3km in 28 mins but with a fair few "walking seconds" as was quite frankly bored with only myself to listen to! Then it rained all week.

So this morning was determined to get out there. Still very dark at that time but headphones on, Bryan Adams on the playlist and I was off - and I a) didnt walk b) almost enjoyed it and c) did just over 3km in 28 mins.

Feel amazing this morning - cooking with gas!!

Wasn't confident about even signing up for a park run yesterday but with Week 9 now firmly in my sights I think the GOSH santa run is back on the cards!!

As ever thanks to all you guys - you don't know me but reading how you are all doing has kept me in touch for the last few weeks - and made me feel I would be letting more than myself down if I didnt get back out there!

Happy Running and Very Happy Friday to you all


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Fantastic, virtualrunner! Think you'll have to change your name to realrunner! Good luck for graduation and your Santa run! Sounds fun!


thanks ever so :-)


Ah! virtualrunner you really have had a bad deal recently. N'er mind you're back on track now. Glad the blog has kept you going. Good to hear you're doing the Santa run-you must live near me in Poole? I've heard of it here and hope to be able to come along to the Dolphin Centre end to cheer you all on to the finish. I can't commit unfortunately, as my husband is quite ill, and like yesterday, can suddenly need to go to the hospital. Let me know your link and I will sponsor you when you have it :-).

Have a great weekend and I'll think of you on Monday when I start week 9.

Colette xx


thanks for this Colette and very kind thoughts re sponsor - the santa run I am thinking of doing is in Greenwich - I am just North of London so there is a bit of a logistics problem as yet - may end up doing park run in Barnet and sending a donation to GOSH! :-)


Oh lovely area-I do so love Greenwich-very cosmopolitan. I'll still donate though. As soon as you've set up your just giving link mail it to me eh? I'm sure others' will donate too! :-)


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