O Runner, Runner! wherefore art thou Runner?

I haven't posted a run for a while (missed my last two) due to life getting in the way. Life, and the blues. Ironic really, that having the blues stops the most effective weapons against the blues, i.e. running.

Oh, what a vicious circle we concoct for ourselves: feel blue, don't run. Don't run, feel blue. Round and round, and deeper and deeper we go.


Regular running should resume tomorrow.


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39 Replies

  • Oh Yatesy, whats going on mate ? Ive noticed you haven't posted on here or GC for a couple of days of your runs with your lovely graphs.

    Hope you feel brighter soon , and yes I totally agree , that the thing that will make us feel a bit better ( running ) is the thing we feel least like doing when were feeling down. Tomorrows a new day, I hope it brings you new hope and puts a spring in your step.

    Big hugs , you have become a much valued presence on this forum and we care about you.

    Take care xxx

  • Thanks :-)

  • ...sending hugs, and any colour except blue.....xxx

  • Go for a short, fast run yatesy. No big plan, no faffidge with your gadgetry. Short and fast(ish) works best for me when I'm worn out or just not in the mood.

    Any idea what's causing the blues or has it just crept up on you?

  • Sorry to hear you are feeling low. Get those shoes on and get out there tomorrow Yatesco. You know it will make you feel better. Do you have a really uplifting playlist to run to? Hope to read your running post tomorrow.

  • Go on yetesco.. I will go run with you in morning.. around 8am?

    I've not been out since Thursday.. ate too much yesterday..went for my 6 weekly treat to china buffet..and the cake selection was far too tempting.. I just had to have one of each :)


  • Hope that you have a good run tomorrow, hope that it makes you feel better, I'm sure it will :-)

  • Come on... what hope is there for us mere mortals..? Life getting in the way, yes. the blues, no.. not allowed...!

    I had the grumps last week and got sorted out , very quickly, with the replies from the friends on here.. so...

    " Sigh no more, sigh no more...

    Serve God, love (me) runs and mend

    This is not the end

    Lived unbruised, we are friends..."

    Just get out there tomorrow and run :) x


    Huge apologies to Mumford and Sons.. and Will Shakespeare !

  • Hope the blues are banished soon.

  • Can definitely identify with your post, having a bluesy week myself where everything seems that much harder and gremlins that much louder. We are all hoping that your run tomorrow sorts things out for you a little. I nearly didn't go on my planned run tonight having a can't be a***d moment but I'm glad I did in the end, it was waaaay too hot but sweated out some stress x

  • Is it embarrassment at having to wear them five toe shoes that's stopping you going out? 😀😀😀

    Sorry mate I couldn't resist.

    Sometimes it does you good to take a wee break from running so when you start back you can do it with renewed vigour.

    You can do it mate,we all have your back.

  • I think I will always remember that sensible and wise PippiRuns saying in a post when I first joined (mine or someone else feeling the same, I don't recall) that you will never regret going for a run (even a not-so-great run), but you will always regret not going for a run.

    I've not been doing this anywhere near as long as you have, but I do know this last week on the IC and now sick couch, I have been flatter than I have for weeks and now the "you can't do this" gremlins have started to creep back in ... We mustn't let them or the blues win! So if I can breathe through this darned cold I'm there tomorrow too. You know you'll feel better for it 😀

  • PippiRuns is a wise runner, as are you Feelingsilly for remembering such wise counsel. You certainly won't regret a run, yatesco although, having been in a similar frame of mind as you before, I do know the huge effort needed to lace up your shoes and take the first step. Good luck Sweetie, you can so do it!

    *\O/* (I've borrowed mfamilias 's pom-poms to cheer you on your way) :) :)

  • Oh dear Yatesy - this doesn't sound like you at all!

    I hope you manage to shake whatever it is that's pulling you down

    Lace up the shoes and see if you can outrun that black dog. X

  • I agree with going out for a short one- or two.

    Once I 'allowed' myself to, it literally seemed to open the door for me to get back out there.

    Slot in a short 3.2km. Just get the gear on and go- at that distance the heat isn't even as much of a factor so doesn't have to be too late. Catch yourself out, go 'out of routine'.

    I know you've tried some other mix-up tactics too. It will all work. You will also find that you can miss a few and actually you could well feel more comfortable going out there after a wee break.

    Important at this still relatively early-on stage that we don't see hiccups as stopping points. Hopefully your mood will lift enough to make you feel 'positively' guilty and push you out. If it doesn't and it keeps you in the house a while longer then don't let the 'negative' guilt consume you too much. You will get back on it when you can and you will be able to manage.

    Posting here will hopefully help your mind know that you do want to do it.

    Good luck :)

  • Wish I could be there to give your hand a squeeze. And give you a push out that door. Just do it, Yatesco. You know it works wonders.

  • Sorry you're feeling a bit down Hope you get back out there soon. I am sure a no pressure run will be just what you need. Good luck☺

  • That's why I run everyday, it makes it so much easier!! And don't beat yourself up you are still fairly new to this and it takes time to establish new routines :)

  • Cheer up, don't feed the gremlins their favourite source of nourishment. Go run and be free.

    You post has made me realise why I have been snappy and short with the family this weekend. I haven't run since Tuesday. Life has just got in the way! But Monday night is outside run night and the weather looks fabulous. Will be thinking of you yatesy as I enjoy my gentle jog x

  • Sorry you are feeling blue - sending you positive vibes as someone once did to me...they really do work you know 😀

    (((((((((((()))))))))))) (((((((((((((((())))))))))))

  • I find it so easy to fall out of the running habit and it takes me time to get back into it. Remember how you feel after a run - you may be tired but you feel soooo good and proud!

    Go for a short run with a motivating playlist. Music and endorphins will fire you back up 😊

  • Hang on in there! Just getting outside in the fresh air and sunshine can help clear the mind a bit, even on the slowest, shortest runs. You may surprise yourself. Good luck.

  • Thanks all - I am really touched by your responses. Those darned blues! I can definitely attest to the wisdom, and challenge of getting out of the door regularly and without fail, even if it does mean putting on those lovely vibrams (thanks B0bP ;-)).

    To make it easier on myself I have been considering running every day (thanks for the tip ju-ju-), albeit still increasing mileage slowly. Somehow, going every day is easier than every other day. And, when the inevitable slip-up happens it will have much less of an impact.

    Whatever, I am definitely going out for a run tonight. When the blues come-a-knockin' they often have a bag of crisps or chocolate with them, and I don't like offending guests, so it is only appropriate that I eat them. I am not even looking at the calories of this weekend!

    Oh, and seriously and sincerely, thank you for the reminder that I am actually still a newbie. I am, and this 'blip' really isn't going to have an impact at all.

    All - thank you, I am humbled, comforted, motivated and rejuvenated. If I could come and give you all a hug (manly pat on the shoulder where appropriate) I would, as I can't, let me just say thank you :-).

    And thank you Oldfloss, inspired by your poem: "blues, blues, go away, don't come back any day". Yeah, OK, I am not a poet and I know it :-).

    See you the other side of the run tonight ;-).

  • I hope you have a great run, yatesco . Sorry you were (are still...?) feeling blue, but look at this support :) That's because you are such a support on here yourself, cheery, motivating, and a great guy. I've been running for 4 years now - at a just-plodding-along-level, not someone-who-has-to-improve-level, needs-to-step-up-level, wants-to-run-a-marathon-level - and something I have noticed is that my motivation waxes and wanes occasionally. At the moment it is on its summer holidays and has been replaced by a horrible thing that tells me to eat everything in sight and be damned to the calories and associated weight gain. But I'll get back into it. So don't panic, but get out there this evening and enjoy that run. You'll feel better for it :)

  • Thank you, and I am glad it isn't just me! Let's fight that gremlin together :-).

  • I hope your run was good... And I also wouldn't recommend running daily until you've been running for about two years as that is what the experts say!!! Your feelings are normal - most of us had a bit of a low after graduating and finding the next stage... Hang in there you are doing great 😎

  • The more I think about it, the more running everyday (with at least a day's break) makes sense. The trouble with my 'every other day' is that I run on different days every other week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Tuesday etc.) which is logistically pretty hard to fit in with the kid's taxiing duties.

    I will have a think about how to make that sustainable - any suggestions?

  • Hope you get back out there tonight. Hardest thing is getting out the door. You've given me plenty of encouragement in the last few weeks so here's me giving you a nudge outside.

    Every other day doesn't work for me so I have fixed days ( even stuck to them on holiday!). It means that I have a 2 day gap at the moment but am hoping one day to be able to run 2 consecutive days and fill the gap! Why not just slot one extra run in to start with so you run 3 times a week but in set days.

    Happy running and banish those blues.

  • How is every day going to be more manageable logistically than every other day? I don't see it.

    I run on fixed days (Tuesday evenings with my club, Thursday mornings 30 minutes with Laura and my 'long run' on Saturday or Sunday - whatever fits) - that works well for me and is non-negotiable.

  • Having an un-moveable block every day means the schedule is the same week to week, which isn't true if I run every other day. With 4 young children that have lots of evening activities, that's quite important ;-).

    Unfortunately, sometimes 'non-negotiable' isn't easy to fit in with this many schedules, but 'always non-negotiable' is.

    Your strategy works as well, I am simply running on the Monday and the Wednesday and Saturday as well :-).

  • Hmmm, maybe. I guess it is all about prioritising and planning, but having a non-negotiable item in my calendar every day would feel like a

    straightjacket for me... I guess we are different in that way. But I think it is worth a try for you (and it works for ju-ju- and I so admire what she has done with her running and life).

  • With four kids there are many non-negotiable things in my calendar every day: deep breaths, grin and bear it, cuddle not stomp, remember they are children and not monsters, walk the dogs etc. Free time is a bit of a luxury round here, hence my late night running.

    We should celebrate our differences - how boring would the world be if we were all the same :-).

  • I have two little mon.... I mean, children - myself. Actually mine are not so little any more - 9 and 12 - but there is still quite a lot of logistics - scouting, piano lessons, trampoline jumping, gymnastics, football. It is quite a puzzle to make it work, and you have four! Crazy schedule you must have. Respect!

  • My 3 boys are teens. I would like to dangle the 'it gets easier' carrot...but so far, I'd be lying ;) Middle son just decided to make his lego Audi e-tron Quattro... Middle son has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy... 3 hours later and I'm still sat here passing bits, turning pages and squishing bits! He is inspirational but very time- consuming ;) It's summer holidays up here- you can tell by the dawn to dusk rain- so thankfully most activities are on hold :) You'll get through this, do whatever it takes for the next few weeks then reevaluate :)

  • Fair play to you getting out the house at all with 4 young kids... It's hard enough corralling and taxiing 3 of them 🙌🏻.

  • Sorry to hear you have the blues Yatesco. The viscious cycle thing can be a problem, I'm sure we all have experienced it at one time or another.

    It's strange how the gremlins can be so very persuasive, telling you not to go for a run, but if you manage to actually get out the door with your running shoes on the fade away in no time.

    I find running really lets me get my thoughts in order, and put things in perspective.

    My best wishes to you, and I hope you are soon feeling brighter and more cheerful.

  • Sorry to hear you have the blues Yatesy but don't give in to em! No surrender, no capitulation. No eating crap to make yourself feel better either. I had loads of guests this weekend who were eating and drinking all manner of gawd-awful rubbish but I had a race to run so no kerapp for me. You have to have a word with yourself when you feel miserable. Like Pollyanna I think of things to be glad about. I know it's an over-simplification but you have to give it a go don't you or you just sink, and that's no use at all.

    I think running helps maintain our equilibrium and if we can't run we just feel off-balance. Get your shoes on and get back out there for heaven's sake and don't come back til you've shrugged off whatever it is that's dogging your footsteps.

    If I get peed off and go out running I have a right old argument with whoever or whatever. I can feel my face contorting with anger, like some ridiculous gurner. Fun though and really cathartic. You could download Footlose (if you haven't already, and if not, why not!) and go out running and throw some really stupid moves.

  • Sorry to read you're having some problems; I hope it is nothing too serious.

    Here some yellows to contrast the blues:


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