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Loneliness of a 5K Runner

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I, like many others here, run solo. Just me and the long road!

Recently I have met with a friend, and we run together. Our nest times are dissimilar but we treat our run together as a long easy run. And - it is so much nicer running with another person )I know you will all quote Parkrun as running with other people, but in reality Parkrun is running against other people. It was just nice, not even talking, running stride for stride alongside my running buddy.

I usually end a run feeling a tad rough, after the buddy runs - I feel great.

Anyone else run with a friend?

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Unfortunately - not for me!! I did enjoy a parkrun last week when I paced alongside one of the slower (35 minute) pacers. I just pratted to him as we went along - I was a bit surprised actually at my ability to talk to him at all. I could have attempted to run with the 32.5 minute pacer - but chose to go a bit slower. I think I will do it again next month. My main aim is to be able to run 5K "easily" and not necessarily chase PB's :)

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I'm jealous, that sounds lovely :)

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I'd love a friend to run with. Some of my really long runs training for the marathon were lonely, and I could have done with someone to spur me on when it got tough. But saying that I do love running alone after a sh!t day at work!!!

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Toonlou24Graduate in reply to ju-ju-

Understand that completely. Sometimes I just want some positive encouragement. A "come on. Keep going. You're doing great" every now and again would be nice!!!! Xx

Is park run 'running against other people' ? Oh dear, I always try and strike up a conversation with someone on the way round, and they nearly always talk back....This week it was lovely teacher on their first park run (they beat me right at the finish !) But you are right, running with someone distracts you from the discomfort of running.

That sounds lovely. I've run with a more experienced running friend just once and the paths were too narrow for us to run side by side so she let me go first and then complained that I went too fast! I think I would have enjoyed it more if she had gone first or we could run side by side. But another friend and I are going out this weekend for a long run as we have a race together in August but I've already warned him that I won't be chatting to him! But I'm looking forward to it after your description of the "running stride by stride".

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I run on my own most of the time. Occasionally if we have family here they look after my girlies and me and hubby go together, but that doesn't happen often. I would love a friend to run with, especially during "events"! Can be a bit lonely on your own!! But most of the time it doesn't bother me. I can tootle along at my own pace and really enjoy it! Time to think!!! Xx

Two friends of mine have asked to run with me. One has done 2 half marathons and the other a 10k. Given that I am on W3 R2 I have politely declined until I get a bit better. I am looking forward to the day I am a good enough standard to accept their invitations though.

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the_tea_fairyGraduate in reply to

She was a novice once too! I love running with friends who are starting out because I'm excited for them, and I use slower/shorter bits of running to focus on form and technique. Equally, it's good running with more experienced friends because it makes me push myself. I'd try and get over the nerves and go for it.

My friends who run are pretty spread out geographically, so usually I'm a loner, but sometimes we all meet up at one of our houses, sit up late eating/drinking/talking and then get up, drink coffee, eat eggs, and run in a pack. Joyous. Today there were 4 hungover women and one very happy spaniel crashing down through the woods in the sunshine.

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runswithdogsGraduate in reply to the_tea_fairy

That sounds like an excellent way to spend a weekend.

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