Couch to 5K

Thou art mine, graduation badge, and always shall be!

I got it!!! I just saw this wonderful shiny green badge next to my name for the first time and although I graduated more than 3 weeks ago, I feel as if it was my second graduation day today! I am so happy to have achieved the right to wear this badge :D 12 weeks ago I was a couch potato now I'm a "runner".

To everyone out there who is perhaps struggling with the programme:

Do not give up! Keep running (no matter how slow you are)! If you are scared by the next run: Have faith in the programme! As Laura says: A bad run is better than no run! You can do it!


Happy running :)

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Well done! I bet it feels wonderful. I hope I'll be joining you on Wednesday!


You will join us "graduates"! I read some of your posts (before I registered here) and I have no doubts that you will make it!


Congratulations!!!! It's people like you who inspire me to keep going.


Way To Go, you should be well pleased with yourself. WIll you continue now?


I definitely want to continue running 3 times a week for about 30 minutes (or a bit longer). After graduation, I find it harder to find the motivation to go out of the door but I didn't work so hard just to become a sloth again ;)

I tried one of the C25K+ podcasts (Stepping Stones) but at the moment it's still too fast for me. At the moment, I'm running to my own music or the week 9 podcast and try to improve my speed (I am doing 4.4 to 4.8km (most of the runs 4.6km) in 30 minutes and I want to achieve the 5k within this time).


Congratulations.Fantastic achievement.

You are so right, have faith in the programme. I cannot believe at what I have achieved so far (start Week 8 tomorrow morning), and how quickly it comes together. I haven't felt this well since my early 30's and that was a while ago! And you are now a shining example of this. Shine on!! :-)


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