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Falling over and keeping going !


I have just completed Wk 4 run 1 and had my first experience of falling over! I have tripped slightly before, but recovered myself. During my first 5 minute run, I think I was trying to distract myself from the length of run, and tripped and fell on a tree root. I shot back up again, I think due to embarrassement and completed the 5 mins, and then the subsequent rest of the podcast. I think its a lesson learnt, to look where I'm going. I'm amazed apart from slight bruising, I,m still good to go for run 2 x

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Ooops - as long as you didn't hurt yourself, then well done for keeping going.

I'm loving the image of you shooting back up again and keeping going as if you never missed a step.

It's only by the grace of who knows what that I haven't gone all my length as yet - but the day will come!

Keep up the great work. :-)

Been there, done that. It is generally the embarassment factor that gets me. It's bad enough to admit (in the past) that I couldn't run, to prove that I couldn't even stay upright was just galling! Glad there was no serious damage done.

Keep a look out for those pesky roots and other natural hazards, they are always out to get you!

I did the same on one of my many Week 5 runs, and it's hard to think what it was I tripped on. I pick my feet up a bit more now. I keep thinking I should run in cycling gloves, but never get round to doing that. (It would make sense, though). Lucky for me the judo I did when I was little taught me how to fall (and that's all), so I automatically rolled onto my back and at least didn't fall like a brick (which would've hurt and cost much more skin on the tarmac I chose to fall onto).

And I suppose the short version of that is: You're not alone.


Well done for picking yourself up and carrying on ! The mark of a true C25ker !

Hope you aren't too stiff in the morning xxx

Keep going , you're doing great ! :-) xxx


I haven't fallen yet (mfam touches wood) - it's one of my biggest fears, cos I'm a right clumsy s*d and the farm roads I run on are full of potholes. I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself too much - keep an eye on the ground or buy yourself a roll of bubble wrap.


Bubble wrap, thank you that's a thought !!!


Tree roots are evil! Well done on ploughing on! :0)


Well done, that's hardcore! I haven't fallen over yet, but I did nearly lurch into a big patch of nettles last week....

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