First serious attempt

I am 6 months off my 60th birthday and decided to attempt the C25K as I have wanted to run all my adult life and plan to do 60 new things. In the past I have attempted to run on the treadmill at the gym but had to stop with severe shin pain.

I have completed Week 2 run 2 with no pain thank goodness....the secret I think is taking it easy rather than going off fast.

I am loving the programme but still can't see how I am going to eventually run the whole distance without walking.

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  • There are quite a few of us "oldies" here - I started C25K 3 years ago at age 67 - had never ever been able to run when I was younger . Will be doing my second Half Marathon on Sunday Then two weeks later am doing another "race" - but it is "only 10K"!! Never ever thought that I would be using the words "only" and "10K" in the same sentence at age 70!! :)

    Stick with the plan - you can do it!!

  • Its hard to imagine running it all at the beginning but you are right the secret is slowing right down. Good luck.

  • You will surprise yourself.. Stick with the rules and enjoy the results :)

  • stick with it - you'll be surprised how many posts there are saying that they had completed the programme - who'd have thought it. I don't think i posted about it but I am one! when i started the thought of 30 mins seemed ludicrous and unachievable, but taking it slowly and following the programme and I did it! You will too. Well done! keep going :)

  • from a 54 year old smoker who graduated today, you will do it, take it nice and slow and slower still when you are feeling it and suddenly you are 9 weeks down the road asking for your graduation badge.

    Keep going and surprise yourself! x

  • You'll do it - I'm 62 and just came in from my 88th 5K of the year. The only thing I ran before starting C25K was a bath!

  • Absolutely, go slow as you like but be proud that you are still doing it whatever the speed!

    Slow is the way to stick with it! Well done!

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