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First attempt at C25K+ Stepping Stones

And it wasn't good. I graduated at the beginning of June and have tried to run as regular as possible. Not made the 3 times a week tho'. Summer was hot in Spain so didn't run for 5 weeks. And just when I was getting back into my stride I got Man Flu last week. (Well probably just a bad cold really!!!) It has almost cleared up but not quite. However I decided that I couldn't wait any longer I just had to get out there.

Since graduating I stuck with wk9. The reason being is that I quite like the music and the timings from Laura. However decided it was time to up the ante and give myself something more to work towards. Hence going on to C25K+. I think it was a mistake. Found it hard like so many others to keep to the beat of Stepping Stones. I didn't get to the end of the 155bpm section. Had to stop and walk. Shame on me. But I will not give up C25K+. However it will have to wait until I am fully fighting fit,

If you have read this far well done. I haven't been here recently because didn't really have anything that I want to desperately say.

Now to finish with a question. What's the problem with fabric softener? Recently purchased running says no Fabric Softener. Why? What happens if you forget and add softener to the load in the washing machine? and lastly, Will the next wash without softener solve the previous error?

Any answers would be most appreciated.

Until the next time.

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Technical fabrics - like wicking running tops - interact with the sweat so it doesn't soak in but wicks through. The fabric conditioner will affect that as it sticks to the fabric. You prob won't notice though!

Stepping stones? Couldn't get the beat but it kept me occupied!


Thanks for the answer about Fabric Softener. No real damage done then


I wouldn't worry about Stepping Stone - some find the pace too fast, some the pace too slow. I tried it once and injured myself - never again. I'm a great believer in running at one's own natural cadence.

One thing I've done is use the Week 1 podcast as an interval session, alternating running comfortably for 90 seconds with running as fast as I can for 60 seconds at a pace I can sustain without actually puking or dying... it really hurts by the fifth interval but the whole thing is strangely satisfying, and it's helped me shave a whole minute off my (admittedly still very slow) 5K time.

Google tells me that fabric softener also decreases the water repellent properties of fabrics...


Thats a great idea gunna give that a go x


Never downplay manflu!!! it's potentially fatal. I can see that the situation is worse than you realise, you are delerious. Why else would you say you liked the C25K music???? ;)


I know it's sad but I wouldn't like to give up that track towards the end of the 30min run. Love the drums and the trumpets. But there's no accounting for taste as they say!!!!!!


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