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My first attempt at c25k

Ok....after much badgering from my neice to get in training I am about to do my first run.

Due to my self conscious nature of how I look I am sticking to the treadmill for the time being....hope this isn't classed as cheating!!!

The plan is to do every Tuesday, Thursday and then either a Saturday or a Sunday......I reckon 3 times a week will suffice for now.

I have not downloaded the podcast, but I will see how I get on without it......I wonder if it will work on my phone as I don't have an MP3 player.....will find out later tonight.

Wish me luck and I will be back later to update this, as I think updating a blog will keep me focussed and I will hopefully get hints/tips/encouragement that keep me going.

43 yrs old and 23 odd stone....hope it doesn't kill me!!!

Wish me luck.

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Best of luck. The first week is tough for us couch lovers but worth the effort. Look forward to seeing how you get on.


Well done for getting started - that's the hardest step! Sounds like you've got it all worked out, and I look forward to follow your progress.


good luck,

I did all my running on a treadmill so dont worry.

Let us know how you get on.


Welcome and you will get loads of support here, so let us know how you get on...

well done, you've made the first step!


Well done for getting started


Welcome to C25K! Keep us informed on your progress...



Feel like my heart will explode from my chest.

Didn't manage the full 20 minutes in one session :-(

I did my 5 minute walk at 5kph then 12 minutes of alternating 1 minute run and 90 second walk. My run was only at 7kph but i couldn't manage any more.

I took a wee break from the cardio and did some upper body resistance training then went back and did my last 8 minutes.

At least i know what my benchmark is........w1r1 out of the way.....looking forward ti my rest day.

W1r2 on thursday after work.......hopefully manage more than 12 mins.


Well done!

You might feel 'dead' now but you'll soon feel a lot better, and Thursday's run will be an improvement over this one! My W1R1 ended with me only managing 5 of the 8 'minute' runs, yet my second run saw me doing all 8, and the third run featured an extra run!

It may not seem like a lot, but every time you run, you're building your muscles, your fitness and your stamina! You'll be surprised at how quickly you can progress on the C25K :)


That's much faster than me! I only did it on the treadmill once (week 2 run 2) but I walked at 4.5kph and 'ran' at 5.4kph. I know it's slow but I want to build up stamina and it's the only way I can last the full 30 minutes. It is a tough programme, I think with I expected it to be easy but it is very challenging, which I guess shouldn't have surprised me. What has surprised me is that I am managing (just about ) to progress! Keep it up! X


Well done for taking the plunge. We all started somewhere and there's no harm in keeping repeating a week until you feel confident to move on.

Would recommend using the podcasts if you can access them. I tried similar programmes a few years ago just timing myself but it was only using Laura that I cracked it.


Well done for getting started. I'm sure te next run will be easier and soon you'll feel a surge of energy AFTER your run, and a real sense of achievement. I do my runs outside but skulk around quieter streets hoping I won't see anyone I know...or anyone at all, come to that! From what I read here it's just as effective to use the treadmill. Good luck with it all and keep posting! I'm only starting week 3 tomorrow which I'm slightly apprehensive about...wish me luck!


Well done for getting up off the couch, I think that's the most crucial move of the whole programme! When I started (for the first time) I only managed 3 of the minutes. There must have been something about getting started that made me think, ' well that's 3 minuets more than I did yesterday', and kept me wanting to crack it. You've already done twice as much as I did first time and now I'm about to start week 3...and added in resistance training you might not otherwise have done. I'm finding I feel stronger as I go along and want to do more exercise, which is having a beneficial effect when I get back on the treadmill. Bet you find the next run that bit easier...keep going :)


I agree that using the podcasts makes a lot of difference. I use a treadmill too, but I still prefer to have Laura talking me through. Give her a go and I bet you find it an improvement.


I have week 1 & 2 downloaded and have transferred them to my phone.

Kit bag packed ready for tomorrows session.

I feel pretty good today considering that is the first real exercise I have done in a long time. A few aches in my legs, but mostly its my upper body that is aching from the resistance training.


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