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Hate the injury couch!

I am going ic crazy. It'll be two weeks on Saturday and no improvement. In fact, I'm worse! Seen two physios - one said it was Tendoniitis and I should stretch my Achilles' tendons every hour. It got worse and my ankle started to swell after walking. Saw another who came recommended by a serious runner. She spent ages with me and took a whole body approach, telling me I needed to mend my hips which were not aligned properly. I now have to roll tennis balls under my bum twice a day! It's weird - sometimes it doesn't hurt much and I can walk reasonably well. Then bam! Agony in my heel/ankle and I can't move.

Never, ever thought I would want to run, let alone miss it. But feel it will be a long, long time. Might have to resort to doctor if no improvement. Can anybody cheer me up with tales of recovery??

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I feel your pain. I've been on the IC since 7th June. Went over on my ankle and it's been swollen and sore since. Xx


I'm still very early on my running journey but back to it after 9 weeks on the injury couch with a torn calf muscle sustained in week 5. I was incredibly frustrated in that time especially early on when the leg showed no sign of improvement. I had private physio sessions which helped and did lots of icing and stretching . After nine weeks I went back to the start and repeated from week one to build up my legs again. Much easier the second time round and now in week four , so next week it will be 3 months (13 weeks) from injury day and hopefully I'll be back to where I was in the programme in week 5.. Leg now so much better though still heavy and dense feeling at times so having to be careful. Give it time and you will recover but don't do too much too soon is my advice! When I was injured I treated myself to some new running clothes which helped focus my mind on recovery and using them! Good luck!

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Thanks. It is just so frustrating that it is getting worse rather than better and I have had two different opinions about exercise programme. The last physio was breezily telling me I would be walking relatively pain free in 10 days, but 2 days later I can hardly walk at all!

I feel so sluggish and unfit now!


It may suddenly improve! Give it a chance!! Take care!!


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