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How long on the injury couch?

Hi all, I've not run since I graduated last Sunday as I have a pain in the front of my left hip when walking (though it doesn't hurt when running - is just worse afterwards). I went to an NHS physio at a walk in clinic yesterday. She did an examination and said she thinks it's muscle strain and gave me a set of exercises to do to strengthen the area. I was so chuffed that it wasn't anything serious that we could get in the way of me running long term that I shot out of there without asking any questions - what a dullard I am!

So basically I am asking for a bit of advice - how long should I keep off it? The pain has eased lots but hasn't completely gone away. I'm desperate to get back out there and scared about losing fitness but don't want to make the problem any worse... If you have any tips I'd love to read them!

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With the obvious proviso that I am no medical expert, I would suggest wait until there is no pain when walking.


Yes Dunder that's the most sensible course of action. Just hope it gets better soon!


The injury couch is like Doctor Who tardis :D

It is a difficult one as I am/was in the same boat ... my physo advised a very cautious slow recovery .. walks then very slow gentle run/walks and only change one thing at a time .. ... see how it feels ... Ii don't want to inflame the injury so definitely erring on the gentle cautious side

Medical advise is always best and also listen to your body :D as hard as it is take as much rest time as you need to recovery properly and then start back gradually


Thank you, it is so frustrating isn't it. Slowly and carefully does it though I guess.


I read a thing a while about about not running again until you've been pain free for 2 days... Or go back and get a proper physio opinion.


I would also recommend seeing a physio specialising in bio-mechanical (gait) analysis - it could be that you gait isn't quite balanced and you're landing more heavily on your left side. A pair of custom-made orthotics might be the solution.


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