So what next?

I must be a changing person... I was driving home from my second 12.5hr day shift at work thinking about how I'd quite like to go out for a "little run" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. It was quite drizzly, the sun was going down and it seemed like it would have been a nice way to shift all the work stress away... My poor swollen legs however would never actually have agreed to what my brain was thinking of... Tomorrow though!

Anyway, so having decided this was slight madness, it got me thinking of what next after next week (all being well) when I finish c25k? So what do most of you lovely people do? More distance? Speed? And do you all continue running 3 times a week as religiously as you do on the programme?


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  • can not contribute to you question but my last run is Sun/Mon and you have read my mind with your question 😊 looking forward to some enlightened views.

  • Ooh so close!! Can always be guaranteed of great wise views on here πŸ˜€

  • Haha!- planning twilight runs in the rain- you know you're addicted now Feelingsilly :)

    Irishprincess made a great post earlier about this here:

    For what its worth, I've just finished my first post-graduation week. You'll get all sorts of valid options offered to you, but I'm just trying to churn out 3x 5k runs at the moment. I'll probably do that for a couple of months, just to get used to it.

    My main concern was that I'd stop running without a structured plan, but I've found that C25k has already instilled running three times a week into my lifestyle.

    I'm doing 2 runs at a slow pace, to consolidate stamina, and I do a Parkrun on Saturdays, where I can (sort of) add a little bit of speed (in my head- the speed seems to be the same as the slow runs)

    My (still quite vague) plan is to focus on stamina, then focus on speed, and gradually increase the distances up to 10k, and maybe beyond. I suspect that my natural limit would be a half-marathon, which at the moment sounds as unlikely as me running for 60 seconds did two months ago.

    Check out the Bridge To 10K forum on here, and the 5k+ Laura podcasts. :)

    If in doubt, run :)

  • Thanks 90ldfinch - don't know how I missed that thread earlier- thankyou for the link, my feed is still not refreshing/updating properly since all this spam started clogging things up!

    Will have a look at 5k+ podcasts tomorrow too πŸ˜€

  • I graduated about 3 months ago now. I think having a commitment to running X 3 each week has helped me. I haven't thought much about speed but was more interested in recovering from C25K and settling into 3 X 30 minute runs first, then on a good day, did 5k. After that, I did 3 X 5k for a few weeks, quite a challenge. Nowadays, I run 2 X 5 and a "longer run" which would be 10k. All depends how my legs are feeling, have had one or two niggles but no injuries so far!

  • I suggest you keep running three times a week if you want to see progress of any kind - be it stamina, speed or distance.

    I graduated in May and it took me a while to figure out what to do next, but I have found a weekly schedule that offers variety but structure. I run/walk/strength train once a week for 1 hour with my running club, I run 30 minutes (now around 4K), and on weekends I run 5k. Once I feel more comfortable with the 5k distance, I will do my 5k as a park run, I think, but for now I prefer being on my own, because it is still a struggle for me. As for the social running I suggest you give it a try, but make sure the people you run with are the same speed as you. It is not funny at all to be the only snail amongst panthers.

  • No that would be an awful feeling to be the slowest all the time, nothing's going to put you off quicker, great ideas, thanks Iben. πŸ˜€

  • On both occasions when I did parkrun I was a snail among panthers (as you can see from my photo!). You have to let yourself be comfortable with the fact that many people are going to be faster than you - just focus on getting round comfortably, and collect your time at the end as a guide to your own progress.

  • True if you run races, but if you choose to join a club for training like I have, it is a different situation and then I think it is recommendable to find runners who are in your own league.

  • I progressed to 10k, then a HM then 2 marathons done now ( I have been doing this for 3 years now) and I love to run everyday just as you described, it really is the best. So I encourage you to have a goal when you finish as a lot of people lose their way a bit. Good luck :)

  • I wonder if that could that be me in three years? How fit/unfit were you when you started the c25k, Juju?

  • It could be you so easily... I couldn't even run for the bus I was so unfit and overweight too. I'm the fittest and healthiest I have ever been at 45 years old now and I'm so so grateful for C25k otherwise I would never have attempted running ( I was convinced I wouldn't get to 30 minutes of running non stop!!!)

  • Thank you, Juju, so encouraging to hear your story :-)

  • I'm so pleased... If I can give you some advice- what has kept me going and focussed is enjoyment. I love running with a passion, I always have a goal I'm working towards ( not necessarily distance or speed it might be the challenge of finding new routes or just ensuring I enjoy each run). I don't like training plans and if my running starts to feel like a chore or boring I switch my focus to keep it fresh.... I can tell you love running too and I think that's all you need really :)

  • Thankyou ju-ju-! I really do feel like I need a goal of some kind to aim for, not necessarily a race, but some kind of structure to keep me focused, I can completely see how easy it would be to lose your way, as you say, without something to motivate. How amazing to get to having 2 marathons under your belt!!

  • Gosh... you will get loads of replies to this. As 90ldfinch . said, Irish Princess put a reply to this.

    You can as many of us do, take a few runs, just for the sheer pleasure; no time or pace restrictions just run for joy! I did a post about 6 months ago, after I graduated, called Running for Joy!

    C25K+ podcasts are fun... different, and do not suit everyone but are worth a try. I enjoyed them, ( still use Speed and Stamina now), as I felt initially, I needed focus and I missed Laura! Again, you will be able to pick links up!

    There are all sorts of options as you get into a pattern of running; most of us, me included, wherever possible run three times a week. I still do.I run two shortish runs, about 5 or 6 K, or occasionally a shorter one, 3 K, and a longish run.. 7K+. Rest days are still of paramount importance. Other exercises on non-run days too, are really useful; building up core strength and keeping everything in tip top condition.

    Then, well...l the running path is yours.. you can go where you like with it. I try loopy things, (check out my past posts) :), I I follow tips from other folk, I research ideas and try them, Strides, fast runs, slow runs, walk and run, etc, and I have fun. That is what everyone gets, hopefully, from their choices! Plus, as you will hear, the Park runs are really popular. I have just not plucked up courage yet, as I am really a solo runner. I take so much in, that I really have to focus on the running...( my rambly posts are infamous)... I think I would be so slow on a Park run, I would be watching everyone :)

    What works for some, may not work for you, but you can try them.. so interesting too.

    I am now running about 9 K.

    So... a fantastic choice. There will be loads of suggestions for you:) Take your next week, slow and take it steady... then... it will be Graduation and you can begin to think about where your feet will take you next!

    Keep posting too, and you will get all the support you have had on the journey so far!

    I will be watching your posts with interest! :)

  • Thankyou as always Oldfloss , I will have a read of your older posts too πŸ˜€

  • Great stuff well I am not their yet, but I guess if I was in that position I would continue running, and perhaps take part in various running events? Best wishes and congratulations on finishing the C25k

  • Well done you and only one week to go! For me, I graduated end of March and have without fail, ran 3 X a week. Started with all of them doing 5k, but last week I did 21k in total in my 3x runs. I use Spotify to run to as there is music where it actually matches your running pace, which is brilliant for me. I am now actually starting to lose weight and can wear clothes that I wouldn't dare look at before, so far lost 11lbs since May and feeling so good! Wishing you lots of luck πŸ˜„πŸ…

  • Ooh I just signed my daughter up to Spotify....will have to borrow her login for a while to try it 😝 Fantastic job on the weight loss too, enjoy the clothes shopping!!

  • Every post here is spot on, I can only echo:

    - consolidate 3 or 4 runs a week for a month or so, just to really ingrain the habit

    - enjoy it, enjoy it and enjoy it. If not, change the plan

    - wear that great big smile with pride, you earned it.

  • Thankyou so much for all the ideas and links - there are so many options after a very structured 9 weeks, I feel like I need to know where I'm going next...I'm not very good at not having a plan lol... I think it's the nurse bit in me 😏

    I will have a little ponder of all your suggestions and thoughts when I go out later, thanks again 😊

  • Thanks for asking this, Feelingsilly! I too should graduate next week, so lots of really useful replies here, for quite a few of us, probably.

  • So far I've not done well at coming up with a good schedule to keep to. I've so far done very random runs and only once a week for the last two weeks. I have been busy and it's been harder to motivate myself. I like it once I go out, but getting out... Partially my mood has been low and that has an impact. I probably should focus on something, but I've at least got to 5k! Not sure yet whether to concentrate to doing them more often, or on speeding up, or...

  • I graduated 2 years ago and have tried to run 3 times a week since (injuries permitting) I have done a few 10ks and joined a running club, but have no ambitions to do marathons. parkrun is what keeps me going, knowing that I have a timed run each week is my focus. 76 parkruns run and 26 volunteered to date, one day I WILL do a sub 30 minute 5k !!

  • I've continued with three runs a week taking rest days as well 5k feels comfortable now, so I'm trying to increase the distance managed 8k so far I've downloaded podcasts but not actually used them yet. And have thought about joining a running club not sure if I'm ready for that yet . But yes I've got the running bug πŸƒπŸƒ

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