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Yeha - I'm a runner - What to do next?

Thanks to everyone for your support - I couldn't believe I'd ever get here but I have. Yesterday I ran 5.01 kms in 32.58 minutes (I know that's slightly longer than planned but I'm using the app and Laura isn't always the best timekeeper so I keep Endomondo running in the background) .

I'm so pleased with myself I can't tell you (although of course you already know ;) ). Big question is what to do next. Now I feel like a runner and I don't want that feeling to go and I would like to keep improving.

Don't think I'm interested in racing but would like to perhaps get to running 5/6 miles 3 times a week. Does anyone know of any other training programs like Laura's?

What did you all do next ?

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Laura's C25k+ podcasts. Run that trio til you know them inside out, keep them on your mp3 or phone for future use as they're good practice

Cross training is a good idea as you need to build your body up by cycling, walking, swimming, stuff in the gym or at home such as core/abs/cardio/weights, nothing dramatic - just to build your body up to support your running. The fitter you are, and the stronger your legs, hips, ankles etc then the easier your running will become. You'll have more puff too to sustain you over longer runs

Bridge to 10 k with Sami Murphy is my absolute fave. It's hard but good! It's on a Dropbox file herebouts. A search in the top right hand box should find it for you

Good luck

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You can move on to any of the Bridge to 10K programmes (just search for B210K or find MissW's favourite Sammi Murphy link), or follow on with the C25K+ podcasts if you need structure. Alternatively, just get out there and do your own thing. Mix it up a little. Do a fast run, then a long run (but the rule of thumb of don't increase by more than 10% a week is a good one) and then try intervals.

Also, try parkrun. It's a must. I know you've said that you are not interested in racing, but parkrun is so all inclusive and fun (and it's only a race if you treat it as one). With a 5K time under 33 min you certainly won't be last.


Definitely do Parkrun if there's one near you. It's not a race, just a run with lots of other people. Well done, congratulations and good luck !


Well done on your running so far. I remember floundering around after graduating but started going to Parkrun once a week and doing a longer run once a week and soon got the race bug! The C25k+ podcasts are good for some structure. The important thing is to keep on enjoying it I reckon and not feeling under pressure to go further or faster x 😊


Yes, that's so true. It's so easy to get carried away and start chasing times and PB's and end up injured.

Running is fun, will help you lose weight and get fit, will open up the neighbourhood for you, get you out into the great outdoors, help your mood etc. Good fun and to be enjoyed. A long, slow 10 k is a thing of beauty. I wish I was fit enough to do one today but I can't sadly as I overdid it!!!!!

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