Tears of joy.....so what's next???

27 sessions including 2, 5k runs, 2.5 weeks on the injury bench, umpteen whingey posts, lots and lots of support and a few laughs and tonight I finally completed the programme.

I want to say a big BIG big thank you to you all for your support and encouragement over the last few weeks, i really wouldn't of got through this without you and of course Mr Flump who has been by my side throughout the programme except the 5k on the weekend (but he made up for it). I did the other 5k as a practise to prove to myself I could.

I cried when I finished, what a challenge this has been, but oh so worth it, when I started I really thought i was going to die, but each week I got stronger and stronger so what is next well we are thinking about doing the Santa run in December and we are entered for the wings for life in May so now I am going to work on my distance over the 30 mins I don't think I will ever run 5k in 30 but I want to get as close as comfortably possible.

once again THANK YOU ALL, and those just starting, half way through, thinking about or lurking, the program does work, it may seem like you will never get to the next week, but follow the steps and you will, but most of all believe in yourself and that you do have the ability to complete each session as it comes.

Determined Flump x


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41 Replies

  • Huge congratulations! I hope you feel really proud of yourself.

  • Thank you Ully, it's a bit surreal (if that's the right word) not sure its really sunk in yet.

  • Oh well done ! and you have a future focus too..fantastic ! Happy running

  • Thank you henpen. Yes I am the type of person who needs to set goals, me flump calls me the most determined person he knows when I start.... Is that good or bad I wonder.

    Have a lovely day

  • Excellent post!! Well done you!!! That's fab!! I am Santa dashing too!!! Dont forget to get your badge!!!! yay!!! Graduate!!!!

  • Thank you, any excuse to dress up .0)

  • Thanks kitty,

  • Hooray! Way to go flump! Happy graduation, enjoy all of the hard work you put in. Happy running.

  • I still can't believe it, but I really couldn't of done without this forum you are all amazing x thank you

  • Well done Determined Flump. It feels really good to graduate doesn't it? I am sure you'll go on to bigger and better things and believe it or not, 5k in 30 mins is not that far away :) .

  • Thanks king fisher, for me it's a long way off but it won't stop me trying for it, for now I'll settle to get it under 40 mins. Have a great day

  • Congratulations! :D

  • Thank you hilbean

  • Many many congratulations. You sound so proud of all you've achieved, and rightly so. Enjoy your success :)

  • Good morning AM. Thank you for your kind words, what I didn't say was up to. Few years ago I was told I'll never walk without assistance, yeah I wasn't going to settle for that, so I've worked really really hard to go through this program and yes I am proud for doing it.

    Have an absolutely fabulous day x

  • Crumbs!! That's even more impressive. The power of the human spirit coupled with determination can achieve amazing things- and you have! Ain't no stopping you now :)

  • Awww, brill well done you... A amazing journey ; I was emotional too. Happy running ;-)

  • Thank you Caroline, it's amazing how the emotion creeps up isn't it. Enjoy the day DF x

  • Well done and super congratulations :D

  • Thanks Rob, I know you are not far behind me so I'm sat here at the line waiting for you, having both you and Andy at a similar stage has been a big help. so come on your shiny awaits and boy does it look good.

  • aaw thanks Determined :D looking forward to seeing you and Andy at the finish line on sat :D

  • We (look at me speaking for Andy,) I'll be here with bells on.

  • Wow what determination you have, this is such an inspiring post. Well done you! And from being told you'd not be able to walk unaided is an absolutely fantastic achievement from that, it just proves whatever you put your mind to, you can do it!

    I'm just about to re start the program again today after a few attempts, of which I didn't make it past week 5 as I didn't put the effort in or think I could do it, but after reading this I think it will push me even more to get through it, and embrace the good and difficult runs ahead, as they all lead to a great thing!

    Congratulations again on your achievement and hope you thoroughly enjoy your runs to come

  • Thanks Rio, this time you will nail it, this forum is the best source of inspiration I know so through the good times and the difficult ones come here it will get you through, these guys are amazing. And don't look ahead too far just concentrate on the now, because that's whT is important. And for me when life gives me lemons i like to make, lemon soufflé, lemon drizzle cake, lemon........

  • Well Flump, you are definitely determined cos you have just gone and proved it! Congratulations. Be very proud, it is an achievement with so many extra benefits isn't it. Enjoy your moment and look forward to seeing the Santa run outfit post!

  • Thank you

  • Fantastic... you are obviously sooo happy... take a couple of days off to bask in the glory! :-)

  • Thanks I am really pleased that this programme works and I like you and thousands of others are the proof.

    Have a great day.

  • You are amazing ! Many Congratulations to you, I am doffing my hat in admiration to you :-)

    Well done, very well deserved ! xxxx

  • Thank you poppy pug, but you and the other grads are the source of my inspiration so actually it's all you that are the amazing ones and please don't stop giving the support that you do. Thank you for everything.

  • Aw how lovely , that's very kind xxx

  • Brilliant! Well done! :)

  • Thank you

  • Congratulations on graduating and good luck with the Santa run!

  • Congratulations ! What a great post, this c2k is great and really shows you can do anything. Well I might see you at the wings for life in silverstone or i will be in santiago, either way what a great race to keep you motivated for running. Congratulations and hope you have a little treat for yourself as you deserve it!

  • Well done - congratulations! :D

  • Aww what a lovely post, made me want to cry too... It is such an emotional as well as a physical journey, you make sure you enjoy a well-deserved celebration after all that. Well done!!!!!! Xxx

  • Thank you

  • Hooray!!!

    Many congratulations MsFlump and TeeshirtFlump :-) :-)

    Revel in your glory, you deserve a few hours of celebration, but only temporarily... then knuckle down and keep on putting in the kms ... i'll see you at Silverstone in May ... i'm also seriously hoping i'll be able to pound out 5kms in 30 mins by then! It's soooooo exciting! Anyway, don't go going mad and getting hurt, take it nice and easy - it's still more than 20 weeks away :-)

    Santa Run???

    Congratulations once again!!!

  • Thanks Bo,

  • We will definitely be at Silverstone I have an aim for 15k .............. in order to achieve that I first need to stop eating chocolate and secondly I need to put in the miles...... I promise to take it easy. there is a Santa 14TH Dec run for the RNLI


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