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New graduates - what next?

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What are all you new graduates planning to do now? I plan to be a regular at the local parkrun but would also like a structured challenge to take me forward.

I was thinking of doing the Bridge to 10K, any one else going down this route?

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I tried one but failed I think I should have spent longer on running 5km but lots of people have managed it.

To work up to 10km I found doing the following helped me

1x 5km run

1x speed/stamina podcast or hill training or intervals

1x longer run increased distance by 10% but I did 1km per week

You need to find something that will work for you but try not to do too much too soon.

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old_gitGraduate in reply to Vixchile

Thanks Vix, I'm the sort of person that needs a structured challenge, but do appreciate that i need to be a bit careful at my advanced age :-)

Many thanks for your plan, this looks great - i will have to try and find some hills!

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pot58Graduate in reply to old_git

Hi OG...I tried the C25k+ but was n't quite for me..then did similar to Vix...then got!I found a 10k app that starts with c25k weeks and have picked up with week4....aiming for 10k. Like you I think the discipline of a plan is better for me...good luck...

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old_gitGraduate in reply to pot58

Thanks Pots

I have a 10k fun run on 11th April and a half marathon on 31st May. My PT has challenged me to run the whole half marathon! I'm currently looking for podcasts to help me do intervals. I graduated C25K this morning :)

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old_gitGraduate in reply to Nickyhalf

Congratulations NickyHalf! Well done on your graduation and good luck with your challenges.

That's way too ambitious for me, I'd like to run a 10 k in summer.

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Nickyhalf in reply to old_git

Thanks :) My PT reckons I can do it! I'll give it a shot. I've done a hybrid half before so as long as I beat my time, that's all good with me.

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Me too Oldgit.

These are the localish ones I've got my eye on:

Hull 10k June 14th

Clumber Park 10k (trail) June 27th

Scunthorpe 10k July 15th

Brigg 10k October 25th

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old_gitGraduate in reply to Atalaya

Thanks Atalya, Barton Deepdale Dash is in November I think, but as this is hilly would like to get a flat one (or two) under my belt first.

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Yep, just started the B210K - seems to be a good programme although not sure how good running 60 minutes 3 times a week is going to do me! Once I've finished this one, I'm planning to do the traditional long run at weekends alongside shorter, fartlek or tempo runs in the week.

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Hi Wristy, good luck. will most probably stretch it out time wise so there is one long run a week, much as Vix has suggested.

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For anyone doing the Sami Murphy podcasts, Bridge to 10k, I've compiled the track listing (saddo that I am)

I don't know if I've mentioned it on here before, but I absolutely LOVE these podcasts and run them every time I go out the door. Without them I wouldn't be the gazelle I am today. Titter

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old_gitGraduate in reply to misswobble

Thanks MW, have downloaded the podcasts and will begin on Monday. No chance of catching you though!

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it is a good way to go OG , lots of 10k training plans out there - or just do your own what ever suits you , mix it up ,keep it interesting .

Am with you on the over doing it bit , not sure my Knee problem is down to that ,hopefully the physio will give me some good news on Monday :)

take it easy and enjoy running OG :D :D

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old_gitGraduate in reply to Slow_Rob

Thanks Rob, Fingers crossed for Monday.

After listening to all suggestions think I will aim to build up to a 10 K in July, giving me 12 weeks. Have downloaded the mp3's suggested by MissWobble and will do them either once or twice a week.

Looks like a wet parkrun tomorrow!

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Slow_RobGraduate in reply to old_git

Great stuff OG :D thanks hopefully I may be back running soon :)

I have a 10k booked for July but will see how things pan out for that :) hope it isn't to wet tomorrow for you

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