GraduAting and targets

I made it! I can do it!

I'm still fat, still puffy, still a beetroot, but today I ran for 35 minutes non stop in an attempt to hit that magic 5 k! I managed...... Wait for it.... 4.95 km!!! That last few metres still evades me, but I'm so close I can't believe it!

Thanks to everyone here for the inspiration and encouragement. I never thought it would be possible!

Still got to get that 5k though! Lol! So.....What then? Not sure I feel the need to further, but how do I avoid boredom?



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25 Replies

  • Wow, that is amazing! Well done, so close now. I graduated with a Parkrun 5k which I managed in 43 minutes. If you wait for a good run day,myou can plod a little longer to a 5k. It's a long way isn't it? What are you planning next?

  • It is a long way joolie, and it feels it! I'm not sure what next, maybe just to keep the same until I don't feel like dying when I finish! X

  • I just started with 30 minute runs X 3 times a week and then on a good day plodded a bit longer to 5k! After that, I did 3 X 5k nice and slow and found that more than enough of a challenge for many weeks! Even now, months from graduation, it is a very good distance. Speed increases naturally by itself anyway and I don't aim to be super fast as I focussed on increasing distance. Well done, now just get into a regular routine

  • Congratulations! Its funny, I don't get bored (I'm only half way through mind you and still fat, beetroot coloured, puffy!). Have you tried a parkrun? I enjoy the quiet early morning runs on my own where I tend to get absorbed in my own thoughts before the day starts but I thought I would at least try one parkrun. I want stamina more than speed at the moment so I'm looking at adding in hills as I get better and better at this! (Eeek, you can quote me a six months time!) Maybe that's an option for you?

  • Let me clarify.....I do not get bored! I'm too knackered for that! However, I fear I will lose the impetus now I've graduated, hence my worry......

    I haven't done a parkrun, but I registered last week. My nearest is 13 miles away, so a bit of a pain, and I also like the alone time of my early morning weekend runs, as you say!

  • Huge congratulations to you and you've got your badge already! You'll be too busy running your little socks off to get bored. The world is yours. Consolidate first and keep running 5K for several weeks if needs be. Many graduates do too much too soon after graduation and end up injured. You're still a baby runner so keep at that 5K for a while but then you can mix it up.

    Slow runs, fast runs, intervals (fast for a while, then slow), hills 😅, enter a race, parkrun, increasing your distance, change your routes, run with someone, run alone........

    You could try the speed and stamina podcasts

    Really, you'll be spoiled for choice. If you don't fancy any of the special stuff above you could just run for the sheer joy just because you can!

  • Awwww thank you! I am chuffed! I hope I will keep it up now.....maybe I should try the speed ones when I don't feel like dying from going slowly! X

  • You have to keep it up because you don't want to lose all that newly found fitness 🙂

  • Good advice, as ever your majesty!

  • Well done and so close to that 5k! I am thinking about how to stop boredom creeping in once I graduate. I think after some celebrating and I will need to look at different routes. Maybe another programme. There are extra podcasts for after graduation and a few people on this forum have mentioned ways to improve stamina or speed post graduation. Fartleks I think someone called it. I haven't googled it yet.

  • Fartleks! Sorry, but is it just me that finds the word funny?

    Thank you, I'll have a look at some other routes, I do pass a bit of canal so maybe I should try running some of that.....

  • Ooh so close! It is definitely attainable. I haven't found it gets boring yet. Sometimes it is hard, you're tired, it is too hot or pouring down and let's be honest, not entirely delightful from beginning to end but you feel so positive and destressed afterwards that the endorphins should keep you hooked. The biggest problem I can foresee is having to take a longer break through injury or work,social commitments. Then I think there would be a real danger of just getting out of the habit.

  • Thanks, good to hear, as I am certainly not bored yet....just completely worn out! Hoping that by staying slow and not going on anything more than 5k I avoid injury for the exact reasons you've said.... X

  • Congratulations on your graduation! The 5k is just around the corner. I graduated in May and reached 5k a month later - now three weeks ago. My goal now is to get to the point where 5k is comfortable. I continue to run three times a week - Tuesdays I run/walk/do strength training for an hour with a running team for new runners, Thursdays I run 30 minutes (with Laura) and on weekends I run 5k.

  • Sounds like a great programme! I should devise myself one too really.....just to make sure I stay focused....

  • I'm the sort of person who needs a plan and a goal. But it took me a while to decide what to aim for. So take your time - enjoy your graduation - and figure it out for yourself

  • Congratulations - just keep running!!

  • Thanks I will certainly try!

  • So close... :)

  • Races and fartleks is what I did post-graduation. There's also listening to your own music, interesting podcasts or audiobooks. Also you could try playing with run-walk intervals again if you like those.

  • Podcasts is a great idea...... I just need to work that out...never downloaded one! Do they go onto phones?

  • I think so - I use an ancient iPod but they must. Find a good one and the kilometers just slip by.

  • Congratulations, just enjoy been out there running, it makes a big difference not having the pressure of time/distance to work to. You'll hit the 5k before you know it. Good luck with whatever you decide to do next.👏👏☺

  • you must be pleased with yourself, i managed 4k but it took 46 mins! so youre going way faster than me, great going, youre almost there x

  • Well done, and I suggest considering your next goal to keep you going....

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