Daily squats (aka penance)

As the mighty IbenCopenhagen stated, my penance for eating naughty (but nice) chocolate is 60 squats a day, 20am, 20midday and 20pm (https://healthunlocked.com/couchto5k/posts/133739061/the-downside-of-getting-fitter-is-...).

Just recording my 20 squats penance has been paid this morning.

I am pleased with how easy they were actually, this running lark really does help :-).

Why don't you join in my penance and do 60 squats a day (or more if you like?)

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  • How do I do them? Is it harmful to an really old person like me:)

    Well done you anyway...but.. if you are finding them easy.. will you est even MORE chocolate? Then , just do more squats? :)

  • Now THAT's an idea - thanks, I hadn't thought of that :-)

  • They are quite tough on the knees - I certainly felt my dodgy knees creaking and about to give up.

    I think there are gradients - free form squats (i.e. without support), leaning against a wall and sliding down right through to sitting down on a chair and back up again - treat the chair as if it was really really hot so as soon as your rear end touches you immediately stand up again.

  • Hi Yatesco,

    I'm not an expert (@Rignold, help! ๐Ÿ˜ ) but I think squats are not supposed to be hard on your knees; if they are it is likely you are not doing them properly.


  • Need to work on my core strength, knees and all sorts. Might be an idea - won't be doing them at midday though, not on work days anyway!

  • I do a set every day when brushing my teeth, two birds and all that......๐Ÿ˜‡


  • Just closed the door to my office and did 10 in all secrecy after reading your post :-) I'll do 60 today. Promise. And I ran 30 minutes (4k) this morning. We are doing sooooo good.

  • Already counting down to my '20 squat lunch' :-).

  • Go you ! x

  • No sure I even know what a squat is! I assume you don't mean people living in a property illiegally!! I'm on my laptop and I can't find my emoticons!

  • I found an excellent video demonstrating it but I can't find it now :-(. A quick youtube search threw this up:

  • I don't have to have weights do I ??????????????????

  • Not at all Oldfloss - I have mine built in :-).

  • Phew.. okay... now I know what to do ! :)

  • And with the chocolate intake you have, it's going to remain that way, young man! :-) :-)

  • Am I the only one who thinks Rignold must sound exactly the same as the narrator on this clip. ;)

  • hah! Sorry to disappoint. I actually sound more like Hugh Grant, if he was less street tough and macho.

  • Nah, Impossible, don't believe it! :)

  • 'less' street tough - you are shattering a whole lot of assumptions round here!

    Great to see you back Rignold

  • Yay ! Good to see you Rignold ! :-) xxx

  • IbenCopenhagen yatesco There is a jar of chocolate hazelnut fudge in my fridge that I've been judiciously avoiding. Please let me know what you would recommend I do as penance in case it accidentally finds its way onto a spoon and I eat it. The thought of punishment might keep me away from it longer! (PS - I do plenty of squats with weights twice a week anyway).

  • Try having a chart next to the fridge onto which you write the distance you would need to run in order to burn the same number of calories.

    So, take a spoon full, work out the calories in that spoonful, work out how many calories you burn per (say K or hour) and then add that to the chart.

    Before you know it you will be running marathons just to break even :-).

    It is frightening!

  • I'd recommend running outside, in the hot and super-humid Indian summer instead than on your treadmill, in an air-conditioned room.

    Is it scary enough to keep you away from the jar? ๐Ÿ˜

  • Evil you

  • Genius!

  • Summer's over, it's raining now! No longer sweltering ๐Ÿ˜

  • I've started doing them as well, as part of my warm up exercises. Not quite as many as 60 though....

  • 20 three times a day - I couldn't do 60 in one go

  • Ugh - another 20 - this isn't as much fun as I thought it would be, or at least, that's what my thighs are telling me :-).

  • After the first 10 it isn't really easy anymore... So maybe I'll just do 6x10 instead... I've done 3x10 so far

  • Hmmmm fair trade..but mines a dairy milk please ;)

  • Now I want some chocolate๐ŸซYou lot are a bad influence on me ๐Ÿ˜‡

  • I do callisthenics on "rest" days but I'm a bit lackadaisical- I did 20 squats this morning , but then my good intentions petered out by lunchtime. :(

  • I am aiming for 20am, 20@lunch and 20pm. I did the first two but I am not holding out much hope for the last set - far too clammy and humid here :-(

  • I reckon we'll be churning them out for fun in the autumn :)

  • How was today? I managed 2x10 and then totally forgot about it and now I'm on the couch planning the route for my third 5k tomorrow

  • It was effortless, it really was. As in, I didn't do any. I had to be in the office today which is a pretty long way away and getting up early in the morning is hard enough as it is!

    I am also delaying my 5K until tomorrow - too tired, hot and grumpy to do it now.

  • Hmmm, well, as long as you didn't eat chocolate, I guess it's alright to skip the squats. Hope you're more energetic tomorrow

  • Phew, glad I didn't tell you about all the rubbish I ate at lunch and then the horrendously bad-for-you McDonalds I had for tea because of the timing!

    Oh wait...

    (EDIT: and yes, I really am just a 41 year old child :-))

  • I seriously don't know what do do about you! You are completely out of control.

  • I shouldn't be glib actually, I know weight loss is a serious problem for many (me included) and yes, it wasn't the best decision.

    I do think occasional treats are actually a good thing as the provide sustainability.

    There is absolutely a discussion I need to have about what 'occasional' means :-).

    I accept your chastisement :-).

  • Treats are fine, as long as you log them and stay within your daily calorie allowance... So if you've eaten a big, fat croissant for breakfast, you're going to have to pay - either by running further or by eating a very, very light lunch. That McDonalds treat is going to cost you tomorrow...

    It's not complicated, is it? It just takes a lot of determination and as much stamina as running, just a different type of stamina.

    Can you do it?

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