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Positivity + squats = YES

I did my third week one re-run this morning and what I've found more than anything with these three runs is that my mental attitude towards them has been SO different compared to when I ran them the first time round.

When I started C25K a couple of months back, before my knee injuries halted it, I approached my runs with a "Can I do this? I'm not sure I can do this, can I?" attitude, all apprehensive and serious. But restarting the programme, I am now very "I can do this! I can!" about running and it makes *such* a difference. I look forward to every run and I even had a running dream the other night.

For me, flicking that brain switch from a worried approach to a positive one has been the best thing about restarting. That and the fact that a month of daily squats have had a real physical effect on my legs. There is actual muscle definition and at least 26.3% less thigh wobble. Hurrah!

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Excellently precise thigh wobble reduction! About to take up squats myself.

You really CAN do this -- and look forward to seeing you on the other side of week 2.


Thanks. I'm going to do a couple more week one runs first, just to make sure my knees are OK. I want to go steady and careful; cannot be doing with another spell on the IC.

And yes, get squatting! I'm doing a few one-legged squats a day now too, as well as my 100 normal ones.


26.3% is a fascinating figure, can I quote you on that?

A positive frame of mind (apply it to life) makes all the difference.

No stopping you now.

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Ha! Yeah, I measured it with my ThighMeter 5000™.

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...and Rignold is going to love you!!!

Onward and upwards!

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Cheers, Oldfloss. I can't believe how much I'm enjoying it. 😀


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