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I hope that on the treadmill counts!


After my abject W2R2 failure yesterday & therefore my penance session at the gym, I didn't think it was good for my frame of mind to wait until Friday to try again..... so given that I couldn't quite motivate myself to get outside to run I decided to go for it again today on the treadmill. My twisted logic was that the abortive session yesterday didn't count, so I didn't need a rest day. Made it, W2R2 done this time. Only just. THANKS TO EVERYONE for the encouragement - I for one need all the help I can get!

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Well done! Onwards and upwards, or at least onwards and forwards. Upwards is for the future. :)


Brilliant, well done sticking with it👍🏼


Well done ! It all counts. Getting out on treadmill or whatever putting one foot in front of another counts.

I had my first treadmill experience today. Tried it at shop where I got a gait analysis done.

Got to admit I was a bit wary. I had seen so many clips on telly etc. of people flying backwards off them. The assistant set it at a very slow pace. I think I would have to have a few more runs and longer on it rather than couple of minute to judge it properly but felt very different. What counts was that you still have to run on it or fall flat on your face. Literally !

Again well done !


Me too!!! So, anytime you need some encouraging words, drop by here - the people around here are amazingly supportive and will be your cheer leaders!! x


Hey, I just saw a post talking about 3 minutes running in week 3 ... must be having a laugh!!

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That is exactly how I felt for wk3, then again in wk 4. Then wk 5... You get the picture...you will be ready for it when you get there, just have faith in Laura!

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I guess it's me that I haven't got faith in yet, not Laura. But fret not, I'll still be having a go, but might put in a W2R4 for good measure (cowardice?)

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And that is fine, too...I think I did the same around wk 2 or 3, too. (I got defeated by a hill on one of the runs). Just as long as you get out and do a run, that's the thing..😀


Well done - keep at it! :)


A run is a run, very well done!

I don't see why there would be a difference between treadmill and outdoor in terms of being acceptable for the couch to 5k. If you go from sitting on a couch doing nothing, to running for 30minutes/5k on a treadmill, you're still making the exact same awesome change in your health!

Well done for pushing onwards! Keep it up!


i have seen people on a treadmill next to me running at 18+ Kph, and that is running!!! Of course it counts.


'course it counts! I did the whole C25K programme on a treadmill :-)

Well done.

I'm only on week 2, just about to start week 3, and all of mine is on the treadmill at the gym. It depends on who else is around when I'm there, but sometimes I have to put the blinkers on and make myself ignore the person making it look so easy next to me!

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I know exactly what you mean - I'm there struggling my way through and there's another girl (have you noticed how many of the people running well in the gym are ladies?) sprinting away like a frantic dervish for the whole 30 minutes that Laura is putting me through & when I'm barely managing a jog. Mind you there are lots that never even get to a brisk walk as well, thank goodness! I have W2R3 due on Saturday, but can honestly say that I cannot even imagine how I will be able to cope with W3 ... but I'll see

Interestingly, most of the Mo Farah wannabe runners at my gym are chaps. Including one, who runs at vast speed, with a steep gradient after a similar session on the cross-trainer. And he barely breaks into a sweat. I'm just pleased in has headphones in so he can't hear me huffing and puffing alongside!

Good luck with W2R3. I did mine this morning and have W3R3 planned for Monday.

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Do you mean W3R1 on Monday? If I don't wimp out then I should do W2R3 on Saturday, then my W3R1 on Monday next week. If you've got to W3R3 then you've got past the shock of what I suddenly understand what Laura wants me to do next week ..... but I'll tell you what, we'll both do this!

Oh good grief - yes, definitely W3R1 on Monday!!

And you're absolutely right - we will both do this :-)


It doesn't matter how you do it, but if you have to stop a run because you can't cope with it then you need a rest day before you tackle it again. When you run you, apparently, cause micro tears in your muscles which need time to recover and strengthen. As a new runner it is particularly important to observe rest days where you avoid impact exercise.

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Thanks, I understand that (sort of, not the "techno" stuff!). Went for it this time more for my own state of mind rather than my state of body! Got away with it this time but will remember what you say when (note not IF!) it happens again. This stuff is clearly going to take me a while and I don't somehow think that it's 9 weeks for me. BUT, I'll get there in the end!

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