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W2R2 (aka R2D2 for Buffster!)

Feeling the need to write something about today's run, not so much because there is anything remarkable to say about it but simply to record the event. More for my own records and hopefully as something to look back on with awe and wonder at my achievements. I can but hope at this stage!

Weather was cold but dry. Realised as I turned the second corner and headed into the wind that I'd left my buff at home as my neck felt the chill. But 5-10 minutes later this was a distant memory and probably not a bad thing.

I'm finding the 90 seconds of running hard. Not impossible but hard. Much harder than 60 seconds. Panting ridiculously at the end. Perhaps I should slow down. Mapmyrun told me I was faster today than last Friday. My husband was full of praise (from his position on the couch as he, the statistician, analysed my results) but is that a good thing at this stage? Perhaps I shouldn't be pushing myself so hard.

Some of the music's ok. Some not. I'm kinda missing "This is the greatest day". I quite like that. I found it motivating and got my 5 minute warm up walk off to a good start. Does it come back at all?

I have a weekend away next weekend so I shall miss two runs (Friday's - which should be W3R1 - and Sunday's - W3R2) so I've decided that Tuesday when I'm back, I'll re-do a W2 run and start on week 3 the following Friday. That keeps my pattern of moving on to the new week of the programme on a Friday. Also means I'm delaying moving on to the 3 minute run which I am completely dreading. :o

Well that's it for today. See you Tuesday for the first of my W2R3 runs. Have a fun evening.

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I knew it! I knew it wasn't just me. Admit it, you've thought about R2D2 before, haven't you?

I would aim to slow down. I've just checked my stats for tonight and I'm officially slower than my walking pace. But i did it.

I'm approaching the runs by looking at the number, rather than the duration. Week 1, I had to do 8 runs. This week, I only had to do 6. Next week it'll be 4 runs. I count my way through them as I go, although I have miscounted before! But I find that counting down helps me. Only 2 to go, etc.

And it's not just hope that'll get you through it, but also determination. Could you run for 90 seconds a couple of weeks ago? Me neither. But your determination to do it got you there. I'm finding amusement in ridiculous things like jogging across a pedestrian crossing before the lights change, as I'd have been struggling to do even that a few weeks ago.

For me, it's about building up the stamina first and once I've done that then I'll look at the speed. These 9 weeks (or however long it takes me) are purely to get me to the point where I can run 5k without keeling over in the middle of the street.

Go for your extra W2R3 and the get stuck into week 3. see how good it feels when you've done it!


Pam and Buffster, you both rock! Keep going (and slow is definitely good if faster isn't comfortable!)


PS R2D2 is good!


This is gonna sound really daft, but I can't slow down! I seem to have only one pace despite what I think are conscious efforts to go slow. :'(

Any suggestions?


Maybe take a note of your pace and then try a run on a treadmill where you can set a slower pace that you'll have to stick to, and see if that helps your body recognise the slower pace just by muscle memory.


Keep trying! I still have one comfortable pace, but can just manage a bit slower or faster within strict limits! I started in September, and probably took most of the 9 weeks to feel I had any control over my pace at all - remember, like any new skill, there's lots to learn and to master (breathing, arms, core, foot strike...). As you keep at it, it *will* get easier - although I've not yet try running without music at all. I've no idea how I'd pace myself or pass the time...!


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