Ooh, squats actually work!

So, I am halfway through 30 day challenges for squats and a couple of sob-inducing core exercises (planks and leg raises. I don't half hate leg raises), with the vague idea that it might improve my running.

No idea if it's phsychosematic, but I've gone down to eight and a half minute miles and I'm really chuffed.

Anyone else who fancies joining in, the free '30 days' app is fab as you start with a test so it tailors the challenge to your current fitness.


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12 Replies

  • I like the sound of that, thanks for sharing :) which app is that, is it NHS or other product? Anything that helps me run more is great!

  • The app is just called '30 days' and is free on the App Store - think the developer is OwenTech. Well worth a go and there's quite a few exercises you can choose from.

  • Go it, thanks!!

  • Squats are king for runners (and Lunges are Queen).

    Try mixing it up with some of the variations - weighted squats in all their forms, one legged pistol squats, hopping frogs, chair squats, wide squats, squat jumps. wall squats... to mention but the most popular -there are dozens more if you get bored. Squat jumps, wal squats and weighted squats would be my core triumvirate, but really you can never do too many squats.

  • I cannot do a pistol squat without holding onto something, and this fact makes me angry! I'm trying to aim for a smallish number of things that I do consistently every day because otherwise I find it's not sustainable, but as I get further on with things I'll add more in.

  • haha. You and me both. Although sometimes I do eschew the chair and just gut it out and fall over, swearing at tremendous volume like Captain Haddock. In fact I do the sweary Captain Haddock thing in conjunction with a lot of squat variations and excercise in general unless I am too exhasuted to swear loudly in which case I lie on the floor and whimper despondently. But, y'know, that's half the fun. You keep at it and evetuality you can do the thing that made you cry before, and then what do you do? Push on to the next thing that makes you swear and cry and so on.

  • Haha, that reassures me somewhat, thanks. My blooming dad who is nearly 60 and doesn't even do any kind of structured training was watching me suffer with pistol squats when I was at my folks' at the weekend and went 'bet I can't do it either' and then just did it effortlessly. So it must be possible.

  • self torture now ? hmmm interesting thought though . what's it called ??

  • Just '30 days'. And I guess it's as tortuous as you make it.

  • Thanks for sharing Tea Fairy.

  • Sounds fabulous, and that's a speedy mile. I think I need that app!!!! Well done you

  • Interesting. Think I'll have a look at that

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