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Deep squats ( Asian style)

Just this week, after reading an article, I have started to do DEEP squats. See here

I didn't think that I would be able to do it - but a few efforts each day has slowly gotten me to the point where I can do the squat ( with both heels firmly on the floor) and hold the position for a minute. If anything, my (still) slightly large stomach gets in the way - but as far as joints and muscles go, it seems OK .

Apparently it is good for you??? One thing is for sure, is that , provided you have loose clothing on , you can go into this position on a whim at any time and doing so slowly improves your ability to get there.

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People in other countries sit like this for hours. I do this when I think of it, it feels like it's very good for my lower back.


I'm loving the thought of you doing this on a whim. Images of you wandering along somewhere then suddenly dropping down into a squat somewhere. 😄


I've read that before Baz. The Asian peoples squat like that but it seems we in the Western world have got out of the habit. It was possibly deemed unseemly at some point. I can't see Victorian ladies doing it for example

It's hard! I've tried it. I guess I should work harder at it. Anything that helps us be more flexible has to be good (I think, ouch)


You know - I have read in many places from people who seem to sound like they know what they are talking about - that flexibility amongst runners is not necessarily a good thing. They argue that our legs and muscles act like coiled springs - and flexibility reduces leg muscle strength and "springability" :)


When I was in China this was the only way you were allowed to sit down in a public place, because they often don't have benches as they look "messy". The Police still ask you to move on after a while though in more metropolitan areas...

It's also how you have to go the toilet... So I'm not surprised they get good at it!


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