IC (Again)

After spending three weeks off on the IC with a pulled Achilles tendon and doing heel drops and stretches it felt OK so I tried running gently today. Everything went well for four minutes then I began to feel it tightening up again. slowed to a walk for twenty minutes then tried again. Three minutes in and OUCH. I spoke to the trainer who told me it took a good ten weeks to an Achilles tendon to heal. What a bummer! I have missed the runs so much but don't think it would be a good idea to continue forcing the issue. It's so demoralising when I worked so hard to get to 6k+ and was working towards a 10K. Looks as if that is out of the window now.

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  • How frustrating for you, I hope it improves soon. All the best.

  • I'm sorry to hear that after you have been doing so well. Hope it is healed soon.

  • So frustrating, especially as you've come so far, my Achilles is playing up think it's tendonitis, I'm only in week 7 but annoyed I've had to stop for a few days, was so enjoying it.

    I hope that you are back running soon

  • I sympthise with you Lynne, I've recently had the same trouble. I had 6 weeks off then started again very gently. I re-did C25K one run from each week, making sure my ankle felt OK before moving on to the next run. Then I built up distance slowly, my longest run has been 8K, I was up to 13K before my injury. I found picking my heels up more at the back has made a difference, someone here, TT I think, said to imagine pushing off with your big toe, that as really helped me. People swear by the heel lifts, I don't think they did much for me to be honest. JuJu was off with the same thing about the same time as me, she recently ran a marathon! I've felt differently about my running since, I take more care not to overdo it, or push to run up steep inclines. You'll know when it's right to go back, just take it gently.

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