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And onto the IC it is.! 😥😢

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Hello Folks,

Well it's been a funny couple of weeks for me. Thought I had sorted out my calf problem with my new insoles the run last week was great. Went for a swim on Sunday, after around 10 mins felt my calf give slightly... again back to the pain.😠

I'm now guessing it wasn't the insoles but the long rest, so am now officially putting myself onto the IC. 

So my lovely running buddies, how long does one stay on IC for?  Is there anything apart from stretches and deepheat that would speed up recovery?

Shame though, as the weather has changed for the better, spring is definitely in the air and runs will be missed.😟

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It really depends on what the problem is with your calf. I tore a muscle in my calf in January and was advised to rest totally for two weeks. That seemed to work. First run after that I sprained my ankle so that was another month on the IC. 

Just  arm yourself with patience and maybe do some upper body exercises. 

Good luck 

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Waves hello from the Injury couch here, am only on week 5 but calf injury stopping me too and I am so frustrated and fed up. I'm just trying to rest it so avoiding unecessary walking, standing etc. Have done some stretches, and used ibuprofen gel.  Any other advice would be appreciated. I figure I need to be able to manage a gentle walk without pain before even considering trying to run again, and when I do, stop if it gets sore straight away . How long did you rest for last time? I'm on day six now. 

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That's about the same amount of time I rested last time, this time think I'll give it a minimum of 2 weeks. Will also see about having a deep tissue massage in the meantime.

Can you find the time to see a physio? It would be good to know what the problem is. In the meantime, how about back and stomach exercises, get a really strong core? You notice if you haven't got one when you run longer distances... ah hem. I don't manage to find the time or motivation to do this myself mind but I think it would definitely make a difference. Maybe you're already a lean, mean, fighting machine I don't know but a couple of weights at hand and you can also work on your arms. These are all parts of the body that running doesn't really help with but strong arms and a strong core will make running easier - also nice for your summer beach bod.

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I don't think it's the core muscles as I'm in the gym twice a week and also swim once a week. Wish I was a lean, mean, fighting machine though :-) 

Think I have just overdone it, or landed on the foot wrong somewhere down the line and not healed properly.

Next time you start to run Saul, start small and build it up. I know 30 min seems a short time now but do say just 10. Then 15, 20, 25, 30. Middle of your second week back you're at 30 again. Check as you increase if there is any problem. If so go back to the runtime before, if not progress. I read online that 10 min is the way back to running after injury, including for very experienced runners. So that is what I did. Think I did 10, 15, 20, 30. Some trainers advise taking it even slower than that, adding just 2 min a run but I wasn't having any of that. I was chomping at the bit to get back into it.

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I think this is where I went wrong on the last run. After resting for a week, I went straight out for a 8K run. Maybe a good idea to build back up to 5K and stay there for a while. 👍

...what they said...

also, you may find dropping back to an earlier week and building again from there helps both build confidence and restores physical ability. However 2 weeks on the IC shouldn't affect your fitness levels too much. Good luck!

Oh..thats a shame Saul.

Hope your fit soon. 😯 

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saul01Graduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Thank you 

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