Monday's run

Another 5K, but I decided it was too late to go to Bradgate Park so me, Queen's 'Night at the Opera' and the two dogs went to the field where my glorious running career started.

Unfortunately it hadn't been mowed around the edges so the grass was about knee high (hence the slightly different route). Running through wet, knee-high grass with shorts and vibrams was interesting, very refreshing. Until you realise there are really thick thistles which are invisible in the dying light. They DO make their presence felt in other, more painful ways though sadly.

Oh, and the deaf and going-blind dog completely lost me at the end of the run so you will notice me wandering aimlessly around the field for the last K at a slightly faster pace and cadence trying to catch up with the numpty.

All in all, an interesting run.

If only I hadn't eaten that glorious piece of wife's Bakewell earlier which made this run a zero-calorie count :-(.

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  • Ooooh, another shiny badge from

    24 hours running in total! I actually thought I had done much more than that...oh well :-).

  • Ouch..thistles. Your run sounds interesting,๐Ÿ˜ Good job it is the longest day..else you and the dog could still be out there!


  • Thistles, they are pure evil! But your encounter with them made me laugh. Good to see you did another 5k, but what's that with the cake? I thought you and I were in the weight loss nightmare together?

  • Tee hee.. he cheated a little bit?

  • Well, if I didn't eat the cake it wouldn't be a nightmare, just trying to keep the status quo :-).

  • Well done yatesco! Sounds like a good run with the dogs, I know what you mean about the knee high grass, I had that on my run the other night but lucky for me no thistles just sqelchy feet and leggings!aah bless your deaf blind dog, my sisters old springer went deaf and we were always running after it, makes for interesting garmin route! Sounds like the bakewell is lovely, i would have done the same, yum!๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Hee hee - long grass and nettles, brambles and thistles are some of the perils awaiting the runner in summer. Each season brings its own challenges!

  • Ha ha, for a moment there I just felt so glad that I run on pavements :-)

    Well done Yatesy, youre knocking these 5k's out good and proper . It will all pay dividends in the end, all miles on legs and strength building.

    Your dog sounds ever so sweet , although I bet you thought of a few choice names for her/him last night . Ha ha ! :-D

  • Thanks all.

  • Bradgate park. Your a Kimberworth boy then. Hope your legs are ok btw. X

  • Leicester :-).

  • Ha ha ha. God bradgate parks are everywhere. Lol

  • Is that the Bradgate park in Leicester? Bradgate park in Leicester is lovely, I'm from there originally. When I'm next down I ought to take my running stuff and go for a run there, I bet it's great!

  • Yep.

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