W1D3 - First run in a park :-D

Ever so happy that I finally went out and did my run properly. I have a firend that joined me on the program - we both need to get fit and lose some baby-weight (Although my baby-weight stays since I was baby lol) anyhow .. we have motivation and support so no reason for us not to reach out goals :-D

*Which u found more difficult - running on road or on grass ?

We have huge field around our leasure center but grass was soft and bit slippery... we did the run on the path along the river. My hips joints ache but muscles are ok-ish.

*Wonder if running on grass wont make it easy on the joints as its softer than the road?

MoNi :-)


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9 Replies

  • Hi MoNi, well done on getting out there and running. Bet it felt better than being inside! Running on grass is more difficult if it's soft, but when the weather gets a bit drier you'll find it easier on your hip joints. Are you trying to run too hard? Try to run a bit slower next time, it'll be easier on your legs and your lungs. And report back here for more encouragement when you have! :)

  • Hi John,

    Thanks, it felt much better in some ways - we were passing by dog walkers, the scenery was nice, weather was very good for March. But I found it difficult to keep slow pace. On treadmill there is speed-o-meter which is good. but when running out we lost track - although we kept conversation with my friend and the breathing was ok-ish but fast - I still think we ran bit hard. We'll run this Tuesday again and will try bit slower! Thanks for advice!! :-)

  • It's worth a try, MoNi, it might make things better. Remember you're not in a race, all you need to do is to run for the amount of time that Laura says. Hope it goes well!

  • yeah, It makes sence ! Thank you :)

  • You ought to be able to run and chat comfortably to your friend at the same time. If you can't do this because you are too out of breath you are probably going too fast and should slow down. Grass is easier on the joints in terms of impact but be careful if the grass is slippery so you don't slip and twist something which could be worse. Enjoy W2 but take care !

  • Running on grass or soil paths is easier on the joints than running on pavement or Tarmac, but comes with uneven surface, trip hazards etc. I have found long stretches of paved path suits me the best as I do seem to trip easily. I am lucky to be by the sea with a wide, safe promenade that stretches for miles. It Is used by the Southsea Parkrun and is usually busy with runners at any time of day. Try different conditions until you find what works best for you.

  • Well done. Keep the good work up.

  • Well Done!!! As others have said, don't try to go too fast at first. Just take it nice and easy and try and hold a conversation. Getting outside is so much more fun than being stuck on the treadmill. Be wary of wet grass, but if it's dry you'll find it more forgiving than hard tracks and paths.

  • Hi, thanks everyone !! Will try ur advices on my next run.. :-) :-) thx xx

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