Whoop whoop W6R3

I've just run for 25 minutes. I have amazed myself and feel I can be proud of this achievement. I even thought I could have kept going and going by my Garmin I'm close a think I may even do the 5k in slightly over the 30 minutes. Week 7 on Monday and I can't wait.

Must admin though, I'm now not listening to Laura not because I don't think she any good, but now it's all running I fund it better to have my choice in music playing and I can sing along. It takes me away listening to the words and then I realise the run is over and I feel as though I'm only half way through. Today's choice was Fall Out Boy. Anybody have anything the enjoy listening to while running?

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  • It's fantastic, isn't it?

  • Well done, me duck. I prefer my own music too.

    What I decide to listen to keeps changing every 10 minutes or so, though.

    Roll on week 7 :)

  • Poor Laura...I still take her out with me occasionally... she got me through to Graduation after all :)

    Well done you anyway! :)

  • Congratulations! Sounds like a great run.

  • It's a good- and amazing - feeling, isn't it? I agree, enjoying the music helps things along much better. Anything rock-y does it for me!

  • Well done! It's a brilliant feeling, I completed W6 R3 on Friday and felt fab all day. I have been thinking about using my own music but can't decide whether to wait till after graduation. I've already got a play list, not sure how long it is though! Got a feeling I might miss Laura, she feels like my running mate.

  • I'm still loyal to Laura but thinking about mixing it up a bit. Prefer some of her music to others but got quite attached week 5 and 6 music!