Gadget - MPOW Seals bluetooth earphones

So I thought I would try out some bluetooth earphones when running, because, you know, that meter of white cord from the iPhone to the ears is just unbelievably annoying (yeah, I know, 1st world problems).

They came with a bunch of different size rubber bits and after choosing the smallest set of rubbers they were very very snug. I mean _really_ snug - nothing was going to make these fall out. They also cancelled external noise really well - don't go on public roads with these.

Sound quality was great but I did have to run with the iPhone in my right hand otherwise the connection would die - I understand this is a pretty common problem.

However, the biggest drawback is that Every. Single. Footstep. made a deep 'thud' inside my ear. No matter how lightly I trod; Thud, Thud, Thud.

I did get used to it after a while, and the sound quality was great. In music, it isn't such a problem but listening to a podcast - not great.

Not sure whether I will keep them - if the thud wasn't so great and the bluetooth connection was more stable I would recommend them in a heartbeat. For £14 on Amazon they are an absolute bargain.

I might return them for looser fitting ones or just live with the iPhone earphones (which are actually pretty good quality anyway).

That's all from me :-)


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6 Replies

  • I can't bear ear phones so have normally run with no music, have recently discovered if I wrap the ear buds round my bra straps I can hear the music fine and can also hear the birds , traffic etc and don't feel 'disconnected' to the outside world! It also means the wires aren't annoying! I would recommend this way of listening if you have a sports bra! Not sure if there is a manly version of doing this though!

  • The biggest problem I have is that I feel naked without wearing earrings but they clunk against my cordless Vansky earbuds with every step 😡 I know logic tells me to wear studs or take out my earrings but a girl has standards!! Having said that the Vanskys stay in place and I can still hear what is going on around me. The only problem is if I hold my iPhone in my left hand (the controls on the earbuds are on the right earbud) I lose connection momentarily every time the signal has to go through my body.

  • Used to have iPod on my arm, so just tucked the earphone lead up my T shirt sleeve.. so had no problems with it..

  • I have bluetooth headphones Jabra Sport had them about 3 years now and I absolutely love them, sound is great, pause/play and volume on ear piece and best of all no wires hanging around :)

  • I bought those a few weeks ago on Amazon and had the same problems. I nearly stepped out in front of a car as I didn't hear it coming up behind me and I had the same thudding problem. I gave them to my son and I've gone back to getting tangled up with my iPhone headphones that sit better in my ears and I can hear external sounds.

  • I have these ones & don't get the thud. I do however only wear in one ear as I don't like being completely shut off from the world. Bluetooth connection on mine works fine, it has the very odd glitch but for the majority of the time they're great.. once I worked out how they actually fitted into my lugs [ahem]

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