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I have an iPhone 5, and despite only using my earphones for a couple of months, it's become temperamental. I've been using my husbands earphones (can't recall make right now) and despite putting small plugs on, I just can't keep them in my ears.

I don't want to spend a fortune (£20ish) and wondered if anyone had any recommendations. I am quite keen on trying wireless versions too, if anyone can recommend a make.

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In what way have your Apple earphones become temperamental? I'd be tempted to take them back to the Apple shop if you've only had them a short while.

I couldn't get my Apple ear phones to stay in my ears, but then realised there was a left and a right (duh)!


You can get rubber outer rings that keep them in your ears. Apple don't make them but as they as just rubber rings, you can buy another make and slip them over.


The earphones that come with Apple products are, to be polite, not quite as good as they could be. Try some Yurbuds or Sennheiser ones.

Alternatively do what I do and run 'naked' IE, without any sounds except the sounds of nature and the world at large.

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I bought a headband that has speakers in it. I can't wear in ear headphones and find over the ear ones difficult when running. Have only used them half a dozen times but so far so good


I have a cheap karrimor set with a band that goes around the back of the head, only a fiver. Aldi have some wireless ones for just under £30 this Thurs (no idea of the quality but look good):


DO NOT BUY THESE. They're the worst headphones ever

I've tried a few different types now and the best are ones I got with my cheap MP3 player.


I wear yurbuds with my ipod, they were about £25 they never fall out and you can hear past them so no problems with not hearing cars or bikes


Yurbuds yurbuds yurbuds, Amazon is usually the cheapest place, they are fantastic!


For the budget, another vote for yurbuds.

To be balanced, I have found they have pros and cons.

On the downside, if the cable bounces against something as hard as your jacket, I can hear the 'drumming' through into my ear ... but I tend to thread the cable inside my jacket now and that minimised the annoyance.

The other down, is that you will get ear wax all over them. Yet you can remove/wash the ear inserts, and they do come with a cool little zip bag. I find this a huge bonus, as noone else in my house ever wants to 'borrow' them because of this ;)

On the upside... blooming good sound for a little over £20.

I also find that they do let a good amount of ambient noise through, so I can hear cyclists trundling up behind me even though I have boom-boom dancing in my head. (I guess the mechanics of this is why you also get the 'cable noise' I mentioned above?)

They NEVER fall out. Solid.

They are NEVER uncomfortable.

Never had an issue with water, be it rain or sweat.

.. and at £20, you won't be crying too much if you ever have to replace them.


I use yurbuds. The best earphones I've ever used as never fall out.


Agree. Yurbuds are great. Make sure you buy the women's size-you get two sets in slightly different sizes but they do fit unlike most unisex ones.


I bought cheap ones from lidl's about 2 months ago. So far so good.


Hey! I use some cheap £10 over ear sony ones, not sure on a model number and they work great. I use a hair grip to hold them on my top so they dont pull down if that makes sense!? My partner has the best ones, phillips sporty ones. They are orange/black so easy to spot in store. I think they are £20ish but well worth it, they never fall out! Supposed to be good with sweat and rain too.


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