Budget earphones for small ears, any recommendations?

I have always struggled with earphones, as I have small ears and they hurt and fall out. I bought a pair of sport earphones from tesco that go into my ears and hook over my lobes but I'm having the same problem. Whilst I'm running they come loose in my ear and fall out, it's very disrupting for my pace. Anyone else found this? Any ideas?


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13 Replies

  • I wear a pair of 'ear bud' style that have soft rubber covers that go into your ears. Before I set out I tape them in place using micropore tape. Looks a bit odd but it works - and I probably look a bit odd anyway! Bit of a pain if you get your hair under the tape!

  • I have this problem too. I'm looking at getting some old style headphones that go over your head. I'm hoping this will be a bit better and they won't keep falling off/out of my tiny ears like the earphones do!

  • Yurbuds... The personalised range.

    There not budget (but there again most things that work aren't). These come in various sizes and are best fitted in store rather than getting the wrong size online.

    A triathlete recognised that ears come in various sizes, just like feet, so worked with Yurbuds and came up with this various size product that you twist 90 degrees and it locks in to your ear.

  • Tweet them to find your local stockist...


  • I have some Phillips running ear buds, very small which are great for my tiny ears. They are not the prettiest colour though, bright orange but they do stay in my ears which is a big plus.

    Only about £12 from Amazon if I remember right.

  • I've got these bright orange Phillips ones too and they work a treat for me. My other half is getting a pair after borrowing them a couple of times for his runs too.

  • I've got these from amazon and I find them perfect - everything else just fell out. You even get different sized ear thingies (technical term) with them.


  • I have these. They are brilliant and they don even have to be in your ear. I just turn the volume up and put them just in front of my ear which means I can still here people coming up behind me.


  • Forgot to say in my blog but they are advertised as waterproof too, so can be rinsed if you need to clean them, also ideal for our weather!!

  • The only ones that have ever worked for me (and I've tried a fair few) are the ones that came free with my Samsung S3 phone. So if you know anyone with a Samsung who doesn't use it as a music player it may be worth seeing if they'll let you try them.

  • I have little ears and ear buds work for me. Sometimes I have to squash them back in a bit, but they've never actually fallen out. They don't have to be expensive- I've even seen some in Poundland. I have a Sony pair- I think they were about £10.

  • I have these JVC ones - cost me less than a tenner from tesco (They were on half price on Monday) tesco.com/direct/jvc-splash...

    Sound quality is really good. They are buds but also have a clip which goes over the top of your ear so they stay in and they work on my ipod, android phone and mp3 player.

    Tesco have loads in looking at it online. tesco.com/direct/technology...

  • I have the same problem. I have small ears and every set of in ear or on head sets hurt my ears and either fall off/out.

    Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I think I've got some browsing to do.

    Take care


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