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I use my iPhone for my runs, wear it on a special belt around my waist as I didn't think I'd like the armband things. The problem is, the standard earphones/earbuds have a cable which is way too long for running. I loop the cable around the belt a couple of times, but it still is a bit long and sometimes I will catch a finger or thumb in it. Wrapping it around three times makes it too short.

We are fortunate enough to have and Apple store in the nearest city, and I asked there today. All they have are a "standard" length.

Does anyone know of earphones that have a shorter cable and where I could buy them? Any other solutions? At the Apple Store they suggested cordless, bluetooth headphones, but I didn't like the looks of the bit that goes in your ear, and they had hooks that go over your ears. I don't normally wear my glasses when I run, but I thought that they probably wouldn't go well with my glasses, competing for limited space! And also, I know that poor fitting eyeglasses chafe, so suspect these might, too. I don't want to spend that kind of money on something I suspect I won't like/use.

Any suggestions welcome. Thanks!


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11 Replies

  • Well, I couldn't get on with the standard iPhone earbuds at all as, no matter how hard I jammed them in, they would fall out arbitrarily several times a run. So I bought a cheap pair of the over-the-ear type from sweatshop (£8) and they have stayed in place perfectly (absolutely no movement or chafing).

    The cable length is about the same as the iphone, I think, but they also come with a little moveable clip on the cable which might solve your problem - as you can clip the cable to your Tshirt to keep it out of the way of swinging arms.

    If the over-the-ear type doesn't work for you with glasses then maybe the solution would be to get a small clip and do the same thing with the iPhone cable?

  • Thank you! Good food for thought.

  • I need to wear ear buds with over-the-ear thingies as plain ear buds fall out. I wear glasses and, yes, the legs of the glasses and earbud hooks are 'competing' for the same bit of space behind my lugs, but they mostly stay in place. I usually hang the cable down my back inside my t-shirt and bring it to my mp3 player on the front of my waistband of my shorts.

  • That's an idea!

  • Hi, sorry I don't have a solution, but I (usually) do as swanscot suggests, by hanging them inside my top. I know how annoying those iphone cables are. I got mine caught up round a tree yesterday. It gave me quite a jolt! :)

  • Yikes!

  • I also have the cable inside my tshirt, mine has a little hole in the pocket and another on the shoulder so the cable threads through. :)

  • Cool!

  • I would just thread the cable up under my te-shirt and then pop it out at the collar. That's what I used to do. I have an armband so I thread the cable up through my sleeve and then out my collar. All the excess cable is then tucked up under my te-shirt. Hope that helps :)

  • I have the newer iPod ear buds, funny shaped and find them great, where I normally find earphones annoying. I use an armband with a Nano 7 iPod for running and the Nike+ facility. I tend to either route the cable under clothing or tuck some of the cable into the armband strap if using cold weather gear

  • Thanks, all! I tried the cable-under-clothing method this morning, and it worked fine.

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