went out early this morning and managed ok, then after i was walking up the hilly bit on the home stretch, i just couldnt do the last little jog, so i ended up just fast walking all the way home...not too worried as i suffered 10 mins on the torture machine (stepper) on my rest day , ordered a pedometer as the watch i had was too dim and the display just too small for me to read. Ive found my jogging song, dont know all the words so i just hum bits of it.......guess what it is?.....Staying Alive by the Bee Gees

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  • Love the song choice! Well done in the run. I'm a day behind you and doing my w2r1 tomorrow :-)

  • good luck tomorrow x

  • I could hardly walk after runs in week 1 and 2 so your doing better than I did, and it's funny when appropriate songs play I went for a walk along the coast path recently and don't fear the reaper came on when I was standing at the edge 😨

  • spooky haha

  • Good song! Very well done you...out there and doing it! When I began, my fast walking was much faster than my jog! :)

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