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W2R1 - herons and builders

So, for any interested parties, I did not expire on my run this morning. Though it was touch and go right from the start whether I'd complete it: as I turned the corner at the end of my road in the final seconds of the five minute warm up I came across two builders enjoying a cuppa in the early morning sunshine... Begin the 90s run towards the canal, providing much amusement for said gentlemen as I huff and puff my way past them, my two left feet thundering not-so-delicately along the pavement? Or turn around and pretend I'd forgotten something at home? Unfortunately I found the latter course of action difficult, as the momentum I'd picked up during my five minutes of brisk walking made an inconspicuous about-turn near impossible. So, with Laura whispering sweet nothings/encouragement into my ear I braved the builders and I trotted gracefully (ok, stumbled) past.

The only other beings I scared there on after were two herons and a dog walker with a very happy spaniel. And I also saw lots of content ducks and a swan with two of her fluffy grey offspring, which along with the sunshine that made an uncharacteristic appearance this morning, made me quite a happy (if exhausted) jogger.

Thank you to those who've commented on my previous post and given me so much valuable support and encouragement - I'm pleased to inform you that, so far, Week 2 isn't as bad as I'd feared, as you all assured me (and I didn't quite believe!). I hope you are all doing well too!

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That's reassuring as I am about to start Week 2 tomorrow. I just wish I had as nice a route as you. Well done and keep up the good work!


Yeah, I am very lucky to have lovely tow paths and woods near me!

Whilst running W1R3 I was thinking "@+:£, this is tough, will I ever survive week2?!" But this morning I did it, proving for even the most unfit like me, it is possible!

So good luck for tomorrow, I'm sure you'll surprise yourself and look forward to hearing about your progress. Enjoy!


I completed week 2 run 1 yesterday and I enjoyed it. In fact it went great until about 2/3 of the way through when one of the 90 sec runs started just at the beginning of the one steep uphill on my route. But I kept going and made it up the hill - it took all of the 90secs. If anyone had seen me they've think I was nuts to see me walk on the level past the village school, run up the hill, then promptly start walking again for the lovely long gentle descent! I think I'll try the route in reverse tomorrow. (I don't have any local roads or paths which are not hilly for some of a 5k route)


Woah, big well done for tackling that hill (I had a similar experience when running in the woods for W1R3 on Sunday). It's nasty and knackering at the time, but I'm hoping all the extra effort will pay off in the long run (no pun intended). So I'm looking forward to hear how you're getting on, especially as we're at the same stage. Keep it up!


Well done! For doing the run and going past the builders. I think I would have done the u turn and gone back lol! I'm glad you don't think wk2 is as bad as it sounds, I'm starting wk 2 tonight and find it very reassuring. Looking forward to hearing how you get on with w2 r2!


Good luck for tonight- I hope it's not too hot where you are! Will let you know if I survive run 2 tomorrow morning (if my nasty cold hasn't got too bad)...


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