W2R1. Against all Odds (and Stan)

Well having had niggly knees all day and a tweak in my back from lugging the vacuum downstairs yesterday afternoon, I seriously did not think I would manage much "running" today.

Doing the warm up walk...and the walk to the point where I start the warm up walk, was fine apart from Gremlin Stan trying to nag me into going back home and not to be silly and damage myself further.

Well there was rather a stiff breeze coming in off the Irish Sea but actually reasonably mild with a thin covering of cloud and a decent moon glow. (Stan did not share my appreciation of the moon and just wanted to go home)

I could feel my knee as soon as I started the 1st "run"... It was more a sort of lopsided limp...but I quickly found a position and pace (another variation on slow) where I did not hurt...and I had not one twinge in my back so all is well.

I managed all 6 90 second runs...the first one was hard but after that not too bad at the snail's pace I was doing. So looking forward to getting W2R2 under my belt on Thursday night next. Run 3 will be Sat or Sun-depending on what the great British weather actually does throw at us.

I got a little psychologicaly bolder tonight in that I ran along the top bit of the promenade which is visible from passing cars so I felt quit brave....or maybe cowardly as the wind was whipping up a bit of spray over the top of the wall and I didn't really want to get wet like that so essentially I moved a little further away from the sea.

I am wondering what sort of distance people generally cover in these early weeks? I'm covering about 3k and that includes the 2 5 minute walks plus a wee bit more walking ad the runs. I have little legs!


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16 Replies

  • Well done for ignoring Stan MotherPip. Running along side the sea sounds lovely although I expect Stan has words with you when there's a brisk wind blowing! The moon was lovely tonight when I set out for my run too. Very clear and bright considering it wasn't full.

  • Do you know what? It actually sounds like you might be able to 'turn' Stan. They do say enthusiasm is infectious. Could it be that if he runs with you, we might have our first Gremlin convert by the end of the programme?

    Really well done. I seriously wouldn't worry about distance at all right now. It's all about the length of time you can run for. You're building stamina at the moment. If you're covering 3k you're doing more than fine anyway. I think I'm looking forward to run 2 as much as you! :)

  • Turning a gremlin - now there's an idea! Your enthusiasm and methods of training those gremlins never cease to amaze me!! :)

  • I'm not sure enthusiasm is the right word just yet...Though I do sometimes look at the running shoes yearningly...On my rest days...On running days I sort of procrastinate...I'm a late evening person

  • I'm a late evening person too! You'll get even worse (better?) as you keep at it! This running lark is addictive.

  • I think I can understand why people get addicted...Not so much the run as the fuzzy hot exhausted glow afterwards...Or maybe that's just me passing out... (joke in case anyone worried).

    Anyway off swimming now. Have a good evening

  • I should go earlier...Great sunsets...Roll on summer nights

  • Sounds like a really lovely run!

    Last night I think my gremlin nearly revealed his name to me. It seems to be either Cecil or Cedric... I think he suspects that once I know his name I'll not be afraid to use it in telling him off, though, so he's being very cagey about it ;)

  • It doesn't matter what distance you cover. The point is you finish the session 🤗

  • Oh well done MotherPip...sounds like you can handle Stan..and Week 2😊

    Its not easy, but is totally doable isn't it. As for your knee niggle, have you checked your running shoes are supporting you correctly? Yes that gait analysis thing again😊

    Good luck with R2 on Thursday, it sounds like a good place to run..

  • I might do gait analysis of I become addicted... At the moment the shoes seem great... The knees are always an issue due to my weight and a fall I had 3 years ago 😑

  • Don't worry at all about distance. Just keep on keeping on and you'll get to 30 minutes running. Then you could think about distance if you want. We all go at our own pace (slow!) and most of us couldn't do 5k in 30 minutes by end week 9. In fact I still can't.

  • Sounds like a great run! Although that Stan is pesky and you certainly shouldn't listen to him, make sure you listen to your body and if your knees/back are protesting too much then maybe give them an extra day or two to recover. No point getting injured at the point when you're sorting Stan out! :)

    I LOVE that you felt brave enough to get into sight a bit more! Soon you won't care if anyone sees you, I promise! Sounds like a gorgeous spot to run. Don't worry about distance just now. As you start to run for longer later in the programme your distance will increase and you can worry more about distance post graduation. You'll have your whole running life to get faster and run further, after all. :)

  • The irony is, my back has been much better since the run... not quite sure why I can it a run...Jog or shamble might be more appropriate as I sort of shamble along. Maybe that's Stan talking. Not sure

  • Definately a run..

    My back has been better since I started running I think it helps your posture and core strength.😊

  • That's good news..My core strength is low...

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