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The kick up the ass I needed!!!

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Hi, I watched my husband run his first half marathon today after starting the couch to 5k in January. I have decided to give it ago and found this app and community. I am not a fitness person and am very overweight. So let's see how this goes. My problem is my knees and I have very large boobs which are going to pose a problem when running x so any tips words of encouragement are appreciated!!!

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Shock absorber bras are amazing x

Decided. I have a number of makes on the running drawer, but always cone back to a classic Shock Absorber. I also stick to black as I expect white will pick up sweat (or should I say ladylike perspiration) marks. Highly recommended a fitting as you may need a different size to your regular bra size, I'm sure I did when I was originally fitted. I've stupidly cut off the label since, too itchy when got enough going on. I went to a designer outlet so saved a few ££'s too.

Make sure you start in good trainers as well and take it slowly.

You've done the hard bit, taking a decision to change your life.

Everyone on this forum is ready, willing and able to offer ask the support you need. It might also be an idea not to get into competition with your OH or expect similar times etc. My OH was a reluctant participant but he still left me standing still tonight after I challenged him to a short sprint!!! Just be you and you'll do just fine. 🏃‍♀️💨😊

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Hi. I have no intention of competing with him lol I just want to loose some weight and maybe do a park run and keep fit. I am sick of looking like the fat wife and my head is saying if I don't do something, my husband who is now lean will look elsewhere... he won't but I am just low xx

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My god... you sound just like me it’s like I’ve just wrote this! My partner is a marathon runner. He’s also chairman of a running club etc etc!

I am now about to start week 3! I just wanted to get fit too. I’m sick of myself moaning that I can’t loose weight I can’t walk for miles and it’s holding me back. I am extremely extremely over weight. But I can’t believe how I am enjoying this so far. I know it’s gonna get tough and don’t even know if I’ll finish the program.

I would just love to do a park run one day. He is so supportive and encouraging.

Take that step out and you will be buzzing. I promise. 😊

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Beginning cut off there, but I was just agreeing with Cheryl! Can't remember what was before that makes sense of "Decided". Anyway, hopefully this programme helps with your self esteem. I'm sure your husband loves you just as you are, but it's not a bad thing to want to improve yourself, for him but more importantly for you. Here's to a change for the better and you a new, stronger you 😊

Good sports bra is a must. Then this info is great

If you do struggle with the running at first (there are/have been loads of overweight people and people with dodgy knees complete this, might even help your knees in the long run - sorry about the pun) there is a walking forum too which might help get you started. Look forward to seeing your progress posts.

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Well done you won’t regret it - another vote for shock absorber - Im well endowed in that department and got fitted at bravissimo - getting into it is a workout in itself, but it’s a small price for no bounce 😜

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Bridget007Graduate in reply to Crittermad

That is exactly what I think I burn more calories getting into my bra than running 🤣🤣

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this forum is the absolute best, or should I say "breast" - check this thread out for bra chat and the follow-up "and the brafta goes to".

Also, if you're worried about knees, you can try knee strengthening exercises which can be done sitting down (at my desk at work is when I did mine!). There's an NHS page that might help. Good luck and come here to the forum often :D

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Well done for starting! My knees are a bit dodgy especially the one that my dog ran into a few years ago and bent backwards but I think the running (or plodding) has helped it.. Just go really slowly 🐌

Thanks for all the info. First run on Tuesday!! Will let you know...

Check out slow jogging on UTube for inspiration - don't worry about speed, just keeping moving 😊

I put off starting C25K because I felt that I was too old, too unfit, too fat etc. Reading posts on this forum made me realise that there are plenty of other people with the similar issues and they were out there giving it a go and succeeding.

No matter how slow you are - you are still lapping everyone who is still sat on the couch, there are no C25K police lurking to tell you that you aren't doing it right and the support from this forum is amazing!!

Good luck and please let us know how you get on x x 😊😊

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A good supporting bra and then just take easy with the program. Star slow and see how you go. Start with walking. Then Walk and do a few 30 seconds running. Once you can do it, try week one. Use two weeks for each week if you need. Once you are into it, it will be a breeze.

You may not lose weight straight away but you body will re shape itself, and you will feel so good. Congratulations for having a go.

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Go for it! What do you have to lose?! You will surprise yourself! Good luck and let us know how it goes. 🏃🏻‍♀️👊

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Well done for deciding to start this programme.

I just finished mine on Saturday, from spending the first week barely managing the one minute runs.

I have seen comments on this thread about being uncertain as to whether or not you will complete the programme. The way I approached it was to break it all down and only worry about the next session. When running, just focus on that one, not finishing the session.

Small targets, goals and achievements. Get a routine going so that you know which days and times you will be going out and make sure you're prepared. Get your clothes and shoes ready the day before, get the app or podcast set up and ready so that you're all set to go.

The most nervous time for me was in the minutes before going outside for my very first session. After that, it was building a habit.

Good luck!

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